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Monday, May 20, 2024


 It's cloudy outside.  Temps are suppose to climb up into the low 80s (F), but sunshine is going to be absent for most of the day.  Tomorrow is predicted to be warmer, and by Thursday we should be simmering in the high 80s (F) to low 90s (F).  While some people have already turned on their air conditioning, I haven't.  It's not like I really need it.  That'll happen when we hit that slow summer broil stage when the temps upstairs are much warmer than those downstairs.

Retail was busy yesterday, but mostly in the morning.  As the day stretched on, customers became few and far between.  I did manage to get quite a few miles doing laps around the building, always avoiding the garden since that is where the customers were congregating, among the shrubs, and bushes, and veggie plants.

And I'm happy to say that I didn't have to download Fotor in order to change the cover art from rectangular to square.  I played around with it in Word, since that has a photo editor, or something that passes for one.  All I have to do is save it as a picture and I should be good to go.

Also, since tomorrow is garbage day, after I finish here, I'm going to begin lugging the remnants of that old doggy sofa out onto the curb.  Free pickup, you can't beat that, now can you? 

 One of the things I did to waste time at work yesterday, was to start looking online for area rugs.  We sell them, but they're crap.  I saw one that's mustard color which I think will go well with the juniper berry color of the walls.  With maybe a peach or watermelon loveseat.  That might look good.  

The president (or whatever they call him) of Iran was killed in a helicopter crash yesterday, and as you might suspect, authorities in that country are saying that we are partially to blame because of our sanctions against them keep them from getting replacement parts for their helicopter fleet.  Well, maybe they should have bought their helicopters from Russia, or China, rather than the US.  Of course, it could be that both of those countries peddle inferior products.

And the spokesperson from Wildwood, New Jersey, is retracting the number of people attending the rally held by the Orange Anus.  Now she's claiming that large number she made up was from her visually seeing lots, and lots of people in bars and at other events on that same day.  Of course, if you're a Republican, any lie will do.


  1. Not 80,000.
    Not 100,000.
    But 30,000.

    It's his inauguration lie all over again.

    1. And even that number is suspect because it doesn't include those at the rally, but everyone in Wildwood that day, and the Boardwalk at Wildwood is long and a main attraction.

  2. Oh, really.
    The crappy president goes down in a helicopter and it's the US's fault?? Like you said, there were all those other countries and they didn't help them? Well, Russia's in the same boat, to be honest. But they do have weapons...

    And the rally reality check? I cackled. Of course they inflated the numbers to stroke Jabba the Orange's ego. And to please the MAGAts. Ugh.


    1. The only people who believed those rally numbers were the cultists.

  3. I LOVE the mustard area rug!!!!!

    I hadn't heard about the helicopter death....i don't watch news on weekends...5 days of wow is me is enough anymore.

    1. It's more a a yellow than mustard and you can really see the pattern.

  4. Goodness knows what the actual cause of that helicopter crash was but it ain't finished yet, that's for sure!