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Sunday, June 11, 2023

When it's over

 Well, it's Sunday, a day of rest for some, but not for me.  I work.  But then that's become standard.  My schedule never seems to change.  That's fine.  I remember when I was full time associates would almost kill to have a fixed schedule.  

Weather wise?  Today is supposed to be warm and sunny.  Of course, I work.  Tomorrow?  We have a 99% chance of rain.  I haven't look to see if that's spotty showers or possible a soaker.  We could use the latter.

All of the chapters of The Body Under Ice have been uploaded.  I am over halfway done listening to them and making notes for corrections.  While I've always written Bobby Tussel and his reliance on variations of the word "fuck" to be humorous, when you actually get to hear him, he's laugh out loud funny.  

Above is a pictures of Paul McCartney that I took while he was in concert at Hershey.  The song playing?  Live and Let Die.  With the approaching court appearance of the Orange Anus, I do think we should keep this song in mind because this may be how we end up dealing with the far Right branch of the Republican part, or at least certain members.  One thing noticeable is that it's the House, the far Right Freedom Caucus that is up in arms, not the Senate.  Mitch McConnell and his crew have remained very, very silent.  I suspect he's trying to get them to keep their hands clean since someone is going to have to try and carry on the Republican Party after this shit show is over.


  1. I can't stand Mitch McConnell but I will say at least he has a tighter rain on his caucus and Kevin McCarthy. He can't control them more shit. And I hope and suspect his days may be numbered.

  2. The MAGAts are doing the What About Hillary shuffle, like one Miss Lindsey Graham who had an epic meltdown/hissy fit on This Week this morning. She is in an uproar!!!