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Thursday, June 8, 2023

Any Day Now

 Yesterday was quiet.  The weather was cool, only climbing into the the low 70s (F), and we had a steady breeze coming down from the north.   They're calling for the same weather pattern today.  Tomorrow rain is again in the forecast.  We have an 80% chance of getting wet.  I'm looking forward to it.  Hopefully it will wash some of the smokey haze away.

Speaking of the smokey haze, I understand today is supposed to be our worst.  It is, at times, like fog.  Unlike New York, where it's orange, ours is mostly gray.

I was talking to one of the men working on the house next door.  He's told me it's almost time for it to be painted, inside and out.  Gray.  I hate gray.  

The audiobook of The Body Under Ice is being uploaded by chapter.  That's nice because most of the chapters are short, so time wise each is about 6 minutes long.  That's probably also great for people who listen to audiobooks.  Having to stop listening at the end of a chapter is great.

And of course, there's this:

Any day now.  Possibly even sometime this afternoon.  He's broken the Espionage Act, as if we didn't know.  Remember, he's always believed he was above the law and could do whatever he liked.  

I found it interesting that the House of Representatives has adjourned for the week because of internal Republican chaos.  I wouldn't be surprised if some of that had to do with the impending indictment (s).  One of Jack Smith's investigations has to do with the Jan 6 insurrection, and mealy mouthed Mark Meadows has flipped for that Grand Jury as well.  I'm sure he's already turned in texts to and from an array of people, like Jimmy Jordan, Scott Perry, and that ever popular Ginni Thomas.

And, speaking of the Thomases, I see where Clarence has has for an extension on filling his financial statement for the past year.  He must be finding it difficult to make bribery sound legit.


  1. You know what? I could see the hazy sky in Milwaukee but here? Nothing. Lucky, I guess.

    And I cannot wait for the other shoe to drop. They apparently sent Cheeto a letter of invitation to an indictment. Good.

    Bitch thought he was above the law. But that's the idea most Repugs have of the law: it does not apply to THEM.

    And you know that's why Gym Jordan was 'demanding' a briefing on the charges: he's in them LOL.

    Ohh. I'm gathering popcorn.


    1. Good idea. Start preparing. We're going to go through so much popcorn!!

  2. Now TODAY I can see the affect of the fires....yesterday I couldn't. Im still not holding my breath on the fat dump...... If no jail time what the point?

    1. Yeah, the haze was fairly thick over here on the east shore.

  3. Hope the rain helps clear out some of the smoke and congrats on the audio book coming along nicely.

    1. The book is moving so fast. File are constantly being uploaded for me to approve or correct.

  4. I just saw a screenshot of Thing 45's ALL CAPS rant about Mark Meadows ... the usual "didn't really know him" he "begged me for a job."
    That just makes it all clear that Indictments are coming.
    I need to make my popcorn.