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Saturday, June 3, 2023

The Running Nose

 So, I get to go to work today and it's also supposed to rain, we might possibly even have a thundershower.  That would be nice.  It would be nice not to have to water the lawn and my plants when i get home from work, and just possibly save a little money on the water bill.  

And how busy will the store be today?  That's difficult to say.  Schools are now out for the season, which means parents must now parent during the day.  We do know, however, that not all parents do that, some rely on TV, or games, or just about anything that doesn't interfere with their personal space and time.

I am working on losing the extra pounds I put on during the Memorial Day weekend.  Who would have thought that grazing can had so many extra ounces?  And that they'd show up when I stood on the scale?  

I started watching Fubar last evening on Netflix and got about a half an hour into it before turning it off.  I didn't find the humor funny and the premise sounded like something network TV might find intriguing.  All Netflix did was take out the commercials and add language.  

As for digging out my Burning Bush, it's happening slowly.  I only put about an hour into the job every day... more or less.  I figure it might take me a week or so.  Then I'll have to decide if I want to plant something not so aggressive, or just grow grass right up top the porch.  Honestly, either works for me.

Lily likes to supervise

And, of course, people are still upset about the Debt Ceiling agreement, mostly Republicans.  That's fine.  They can never have too much bad luck.  

The GOP's civil war is really beginning to heat up.  I don't know if any out there has seen the video with Ronnie D standing by as Cassie D speaks.  Excruciating.  She rambles on... and on, trying to paint a happy family portrait.  This so viewers can compare Ronnie D's family life and Donnie T's divorces / porn star past.  Believe me, excruciating is not close enough to describing her speech.  The only excitement comes near the end when Ronnie D begins wiping his running nose with his finger.  This man has no social skills what so ever.


  1. Cassie is the Eva Braun of the New Millennium.

    1. I think you're giving her too much credit, Eva was intelligent as well as evil.

  2. That looks like to much work for me! But Im enjoying some light gardening today.

    I thought is funny the DeSantis's got engaged and married in DisneyWorld. Now it's full on war with them. How cheesy.

  3. How's Lily doing without Biggie?

    1. She seems fine, relishing all the attention.

  4. Day Lilies would be low maintenance and pretty alongside the porch.