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Sunday, June 4, 2023

My Pig Costune

 We had storms yesterday.  Harrisburg got hit, but that's on the East Shore and I'm on the West Shore (shore designating one side of the Susquehanna from the other) and we got nada in the rain department.  There was some thunder and lightening, but none overhead.  Dry we were and dry we will remain, unless some rain happens to accidently fall on us in the next few days.

Even though I did manage to get a measure, work was slow.  During the four days I was off work, I reached my sales goal, in fact I had over $10,000 in sales.  That should keep management happy.  The only thing I'm falling behind on is signing people up for credit.  Well, we all know how I feel about that. 

Jon, the PT I turn to for advice on my character Max's job as a physical therapy, told me yesterday "you're out on the Internet."  Of all things, he stumbled across me in my pig costume.  This picture here, and it's 25 years old.  Damn, I'm going to have to start updating myself.  

Evidently Ronnie D has a bad problem of saying "woke."  It's so bad, every time he speaks in public people count the number of times he says it.  He uses that term quite frequently, most likely because he believes most Americans fear "woke."  Sadly for Ronnie D, he's wrong.  It seems as though on 38% of Americans find being "woke" to be a problem, or, in other words, the Republican part as well as small percentage of unregistered members of the MAGA cult.  Don't tell Ronnie D, but America is not falling for this.  But then, being the socially incompetent fool he is, he will never understand.


  1. LMAO at the pig costume that's pretty funny, but look at the cute boy underneath!

    Funny about the rain. Because here on the Camp Hill Mechanicsburg line We got slammed with wind and heavy rains. The yard was littered with leaves and little branches this morning.

  2. DeSaster and his wife will ride "woke" until their campaign burns.

    1. He is one of the most uncreative politicians I've ever seen.

  3. I LOVE that picture! What a hoot!