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Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Conservatives have always been Bad Losers

 So, we've reached the middle of the week.  The heat and humidity are moving east.  Forecasters are saying to today's high temp might hit 79 (F), not that the past few days have been torrid, really, it's just been heavily humid.  The central air is on, though it seems to rarely run.  

One of the things that's changed since Biggie died is that Lily rarely gets what I used to call her nervous belly.  At least once every two weeks she's stop eating and you could hear her belly making growling noises.  Sometimes she'd throw up clear liquid.  That has all changed, so evidently Biggie must have gotten on her nerves a lot.  Of course, she's also getting spoiled rotten.  It turns out she like to eat bananas, so every morning when I'm making my breakfast she get a couple slices of banana.

Tammy from across the street stopped me yesterday when I was coming back from my Giant Supermarket to ask me about the neighbor on my right.  She told me he was diabetic and that last week an ambulance came, and then she asked if I knew anything.  Gee, I didn't even know he was diabetic.  He and I will talk on occasion, but that's about it.  I just can't be bothered to monitor the activities of everyone who lives on my street.

The lung screening survey turned out to be a bust.  I stopped smoking too many years ago and the possiblity of anything going wrong with my lungs is unlikely.

Some may find this odd but I bought myself a white board to track my exercise / workout routines and hung it on the wall of the computer / cycling / weight training room.   I don't know yet if it will inspire me to be more physically active or not.  Honestly, I think I'm fairly active already.  But being more so can only help.

Yesterday the Supreme Court handed authoritarian conservatives a big loss.  You see, they so desperately feel they need to say "shut up, we're in charge," they tried to change the way elections are run in the states.  If their candidates were losing, or had lost, they wanted to have the state legislatures decide on elections, and some states have what are called super majorities, in which one party runs the state, they could continue to insure elected officials were of the same party.  The Supreme Court said no to that cheat.  And, as might be expected, conservatives are pissed that they got their hand in the cookie jar and they have taken their pissing and moaning to the Internet.  Conservatives have always been bad losers.


  1. If you can't win an election fairly then clearly you are running on the wrong message so maybe rethink your positions rather then try to steal an outcome.

    1. Conservatives will never rethink, that would mean they're wrong.

  2. Supreme Court decision was lovely and it was surprising some of the ones that voted for it. I assume Clarence Thomas would have been a no of course.

    When Lilith was around, she and Buster got sliced bananas a couple times a week. They love them.

    1. Actually, I do believe it was both Thomas and Alito, the 2 hatemongers.

  3. The Repug playbook is: if we can't win, we'll cheat. It's been like that for decades. Ugh.
    And kind of the opposite happened here when Riri passed and Lucifer was alone: Lulu lost weight. That bitch was eating Riri's food!!

    And keeping track of your exercise is good. I don't have a whiteboard, but I keep track with my watch. It even tells me that I have to get my ass on gear. So I do.


    1. They weren't always this bad, they really changed when Newt Gingrich arrived on the scene. He is the godfather of the Do Nothing Party