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Sunday, June 18, 2023


 Yesterday the weather was nice.  Temps were in the mid 80s (F).  Today's supposed to be a repeat.  In case you didn't know, we're sitting on the front doorstep to summer.  Looking at our midrange forecast, we're predicted to have sunshine and rain over the next week and a half.  That's fine with me.  I'd rather my lawn be nice and green instead of brown and crunchy this early in the season, that will happen in July and August.

Retail was busy when I got to work yesterday, but around but as the day wore on began to slowly die.  When I left at 7 PM there were no incoming hordes of shoppers pulling into the parking lot.  Sales for the past week were flat. The couple with the expensive blind order never came into purchase, now that sale price is gone and their blinds will cost more, that's if they decide to purchase. 

Today will probably be the same as yesterday, only slower.  There will the be standard after church rush, but then the quiet will ensue.

As I was preparing to leave work yesterday, I got a text from my bank saying that someone had tried to transfer funds out of my account.  When I first saw it, I spoke vulgar French because my debit card had been hacked not too long ago.  However, once I saw that my bank wanted me to sign in to my account to fix the problem I became suspicious. What I did do was wait until I got home and then, on the computer not on my phone, I signed into my account.  Oops.  No warnings.  There was nothing wrong at all.  However, this means someone out there knows the bank I use, probably from the card hack, but not my account number.  Believe me, that text looked very official.  Even the logo was spot on.

So, about a year ago I gave away my weight bench and now, 12 months later realize that was a mistake so I bought another.

Newsweek sometimes repeats the articles they send to me which can be annoying, especially since I only rarely read them.  Three times over the past 2 days they've sent me an op - ed by Marianne Williamson.  She is once again running for the Democratic nomination, not because she thinks she has a chance at winning, but because she likes her reputation of being a spoiler.  Ralph Nadar had the same problem.  He enjoyed taking votes away from the candidate most likely to win, and during the presidential race would run as an independent.  She's going to do the same thing.  It's all about ego.  Nothing else.  It's a shame there isn't a way she could be benched.



  1. The only thing Marianne Williamson spoils is my appetite, and the three votes she takes away from Biden mean nothing.

  2. I'm glad you had the foresight to log into your bank account from your computer. When my ex and my son were in Italy recently, ex had €2,500 debited from his card and then they tried to do it a second time. They also tried to sting my son but he was able to block it. I used my credit card when I was in Turin last week but have kept an eye on it since I got back just in case - all was well!

    1. Your first inclination is to correct the situation immediately, which is what these scammers want you to do. A cool head is what is really called for.

  3. These fishing attempts are getting better and better. I just never respond to anything.