I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Friday, September 10, 2021


 Well, I did take yesterday off.  Called in bright and early and took a personal day, not because I was feeling bad, well I did for a short while since the flooring desk was going to be left short handed.  Then I reminded myself there are others working who can talk to customers.  I'm not the only one working there.  As I get older, I'm shrugging off responsibilities I used to wear as a mantle of authority.  This is how life is.  I tell people that in all the years you spend on this earth there should be two times when you should be able to shirk off responsibility:  when you're a child and your parents are shouldering them, and when you get older.  And let's be honest here, I am getting older.

One of the things I did notice yesterday, and something which has come to my attention before, is that my back feels so much better when I'm at home.  Not that I think going to work causes psychosomatic pain, but I'm not walking on concrete at home, and I sit in chairs that are a comfortable height, and are cushioned and not plastic.  Six years ago, when I had a very serious back episode, my specialist asked me what I thought caused my improvement.  I didn't really know then.  Looking back, I'm fairly certain that today my answer would be, not walking on concrete, etc.  Six years ago I went on LOA for 3 months.

I wrote over 1000 words yesterday.  I suspect this is what my going part-time will be.  A new character has joined the plot in The Body in Repose:  Captain Trawley.

And then, of course, this happened yesterday.

A certain political party is not happy.  Which one?  Here's a hint: The one that is solely responsible for most of the Covid deaths right now.  Here's another hint:  The same party is running the state of Florida, a state which has stopped releasing the numbers of Covid or Covid related deaths.  The same party in running the states of Arizona and Utah where out of state health care workers are being hired to help with the over-crowded hospitals.  And why are they pissed off?  They say this is an attack on their personal freedom.  That's a lie.  The truth is they see masks and vaccines as part of the Democrat agenda and the last thing they want to do is give the Democrats a win.  The truth is they hate the Democrats so much they have chosen to let members of their own voting block suffer in die out of spite.  They alone are responsible.  


  1. Suck it up.
    Take some responsibility.
    Be a compassionate human being.
    If you don't, and aren't, and you get sick, no one will give a damn.

    1. They don't understand that in the eyes of many American voters, they are becoming the suicide party.

  2. Just when you think they can't hit the bottom of the barrel...they go underneath the barrel. What a slow painful extinction. I love it.

    1. Can you imagine the damage they'd have done if the orange anus had won?

  3. Well, of course their stupid plan is to boycott Uncle Joe's vaccine plan because his approval was up.
    Their performative outrage is all over social media, and of course SCOTUS made vaccination mandatory before. So there's a precedent.
    But that will not stop them to 'sue' the government.


    1. The only ones they're pleasing are their base, and they're slowly dying off.