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Sunday, August 20, 2023

Let Them Eat Cake

 Yesterday was a slow day at work.  Really slow.  Schools open their doors this coming week and those parents who weren't on vacation with their families, were out shopping for school clothes and supplies.  The same thing is going to happen today, possibly even more so since it's Sunday and the weather is supposed to be nice.  

Speaking of the weather, it is nice.  The temp this morning was a nice cool 58 (F), which makes for outstanding sleeping.  This afternoon the temps might climb into the high 80s (F), and that to is fine.  For those living in Central PA climate change has not been that bad, not so for the rest of the world.  That doesn't mean we're not going to be getting those long hot summers that everyone around us seems to be getting.  

Lily had a great birthday.  Way too many snacks.  Too much vanilla ice cream, as well as chocolate cake.  Everyone says chocolate is bad for dogs, well it is in large amounts.  I researched this a long time ago and it turns out dogs can have 1.5 oz of dark chocolate for every 10 lbs. of body weight, for milk chocolate it's 3.5 oz for ever 10 lbs.  That little half cup of Hershey's cocoa I mixed in Lily's birthday cake was nothing more than tasty for her.  Even the cream cheese lavender icing, while high in fat content, wasn't bad for her.  This is her cake.  Notice the tasty pearl sparkles.

And I saw this story about the problem Evangelicals are having with Donald (the Spawn of Satan) Trump.  The problem is that so many of them were so terribly desperate to make this a socially conservative country they made themselves easy pickings for evil.  What makes this even worse is that these losers can tell you exactly how evil works: it offers you that thing you most desperately want, all you have to do is help it to grow.  So, here comes Donald J, a man known to be a scumbag, offering them what they want and instead of say, "oh, crap, this is how evil works," they searched and searched for some obscure evil person referenced in the Bible who God supposedly worked through and convinced themselves Trump was to be sent by God.  In reality, they were looking at a way to force social conservatism on America and they took it.  Now, Judgement is coming for their cult leader and the church is going to have to deal with a terrible rift, tearing the very fabric of their beliefs apart.  Personally, I think we should all sit back and let them eat the cake they baked.


  1. To put it bluntly: Evangelicals don't like anyone who isn't white, male, straight, or a white straight woman who doesn't obey her man.
    Thing 45 fed on their hate and so they will eat up whatever he says.
    It's hate masked as faith.

  2. I'm glad Lily enjoyed her birthday (and that yes, she really is allowed chocolate)!