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Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Audiobook Reality

 Tuesday, and my four day weekly weekend begins.  I did miss this schedule.  Not that I don't mind changing things up now and then, but I found working over 29 hours in one week disruptive after almost a year of 20 hour work weeks.  

There's a good chance that the weather today will be drizzly and rainy.  That's okay.  The only place I'm planning on going to is my neighborhood Giant supermarket.  I'm out of bananas.  Lily and I share one everyday and that's a routine I like to keep.  

I do believe the house next door has been sold.  While the large Iron Valley real estate sign is still in the front yard, the small red "For Sale" sign is gone, replaced by one that give the name of the listing agent.  I find this amusing since the owner bragged that he didn't need to go through an agent because he knew the right kind of people.  Besides listing it with an agent, he had it professionally stage which no doubt cost him quite a bit with rental furniture.

I posted a little video about why I waited so long to put the audiobook The Body Under Ice on Audible... actually, it's not there yet.  It also takes forever before it shows up in their store.

And, of course, Trump's first trial date has been set:  March 4, 2024.  As expected, the Spawn of Satan spewed fire and brimstone because his Judgement is coming far sooner than he had been expecting.  Can you hear me chortling loudly?  I am.   I find it truly funny that he and his attorneys are shrieking that his trial is supposed to begin the day before Super Tuesday.  For a man who brags about being so far ahead in the polls, his trial date should create no problem.  In fact, it might be a blessing in disguise because all those brain dead MAGA cultists are going to go out and vote for him.  But then again, he may realize that all of those Centrist and Left leaning Republicans are going to sit out the primaries the same way they're going to sit out the General Election.  

And now the Pope has come out speaking against Trumpist Catholics.  Of course, a lot of American Catholics don't really pay him much attention.


  1. Ohhh so that's the deal with Audible, huh? Who knew?
    And you know that Cheeto Benito is gonna scream bloody murder every time he's treated as the delinquent that he is and not with kid gloves cause he's got money.
    He says the whole thing does not affect him, but it does, hence the screeching.
    And poor Frankie. The catholic church really is in a pickle...


    1. Yes, that's the deal with Audible, the ugly elephant in the room.

  2. March 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's drag it out even longer. Unbelievable.

    1. Toots! You need to get out of your Wayback machine.

  3. The Pope is as vile a human being as Inmate # P01135809 so he should best be quiet.

    1. Hhhm, I'm hoping they fight each other in a cage match.