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Monday, August 14, 2023


 We did not get any rain yesterday.   The temperature peaked at 90 (F), and to hear people coming up to the paint desk, you'd think it was well over 100 (F).  I so much wanted to tell them that 90 (F) is warm, not hot, but I did the professional thing and simply nodded my head and said, "is it?"

Yesterday, he real estate agent handling the house next door had an open house.  I have no idea how busy many people stopped by to actually view the property.  So far 626 people have looked at the property on Zillow and 48 of them have saved it, which is probably a good sign.  However, seeing it up close and personal is a lot different than looking at rooms professionally staged.  The temps were in the high 80s (F) during the open house so they would have needed to have the ceiling fans going.  There is no ceiling fan in the attic, so temps up there would have been scorching.

I'll be going down to that Fish Place in Lancaster in about an hour.  I've got a 30% off coupon.  That's good.  I need to get more plants.  The one I put into the big tank is thriving, so it's time to add more, as well as the naked marble statues.

And even though the weekend is usually quiet on the political front, yesterday was not without it's bits of excitement.  CNN releasing a information that Fani in Atlanta had texts and emails showing that orders for breaching election machines had come straight down from the top (that means the Orange Anus probably gave the order).  However, we all need to keep in mind that Trump rarely DMs or texts, it's almost always done by an aide in order to put blame where he wants it to go.  This means he will surely say the directive did not come from him, and that everyone else was acting outside his wishes.  You know?  It was everyone else's fault and he's just an innocent lamb.

And Zuck texted that it was time to move on, that there was not going to be any kind of match between he and Musk.  This should have been expected.  What it does is paint Musk to be an even bigger buffoon people thought, and a lot of people seen him as nothing more than a bloated windbag.  I'd liked the bit where Zuck claimed Musk wanted to have a trial match in Zuck's backyard.  That was hooting hilarious.


  1. Hahaha
    Every time I imagine Fuckerberb kicking Elmo's ass I laugh. It's never gonna happen. Elmo is a very pasty 52 and Markie Mark is 39 and sporty. Elmo is also in horrible physical shape (have you seen the pics of him on that yacht??).
    And you know Mango Mussolini always sent someone to do his bidding. It's a Mafia Boss technique he probably learned from his dad. But this shit is gonna catch up with him. The idiots involved are already turning on each other, according to Rolling Stone.
    And I kinda love the drama of the house next door. I also love that you'll get naked statues for the aquarium. Exciting!


    1. The first naked statue is in the tank. And every one in the neighborhood is talking about the house next door.

  2. The dumps shit pile must be as high as Mount Rushmore by now.......

  3. My top bedroom was built into the attic by the previous owners. It was no heat and obviously no AC so I'm pretty sure the attic in that house will put people off if they visit on a hot day!

    1. The temps in my attic can climb quite high, hot enough to melt wax... I know, I learned the hard way with Christmas candles.