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Wednesday, August 16, 2023


 Yesterday was almost a day without rain... almost.  We did get sprinkles around 7 last evening, though they didn't last long.  The sidewalks were dry this morning when I left Lily out.  I do see another mowing of the lawn ahead though, possibly on Friday.  Today, supposedly, there is a 0% chance for precipitation... we shall see.

Both tanks were cleaned yesterday.  Each one now has an algae eater, but only one tank has snails, too.  The smaller tank in the living room is the home for several species of Barb (Golden, Cherry, and Tiger) and they, unfortunately eat snails, in fact they will eat just about anything they see as being weaker.  They were very nosey about the algae eater at first, until he tried sucking algae from their bodies; they didn't like that so now they leave him alone.

I do get to work tomorrow for a full eight hours, so dinner tonight is going to be Swedish Meatballs, enough so I can use the leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

The process has been initiated for The Body Under Ice  audiobook to be distributed on Audible.  It will take about 45 days, and, being that they're cheap scuds, will only pay a royalty of 25% of every sale.  Findaway, the publisher will get a 10% cut of that so in the end, I should get about $1.35.  Other distributors pay 70% to 80%, to give you an idea of how chintzy they are.

If anyone is interested, I am on Instagram: drsnyderwriter.  You get to see pictures of what I cook, the dogs, and the current work in progress.

There's a new video on my YouTube channel.  Actually, it's posted in a number of places.  Here's the blog version.

And after all of the excitement of the indictments, I can only wonder what will bring joy into my heart today.  Trump is evidently in panic mode, that doesn't mean he's scared.  I don't think that man knows what it's like to be scared.  He is terribly angry, in case any of you were wondering.  For the first time in quite some time he not in control.  He surrounded himself with spineless sycophants who agreed with him and told him he could do no wrong.  Now we're watching and waiting for those same individuals to try and throw him under the bus in order to save their own thin skins.  

There will be televised coverage in the courtroom on August 25 when Trump pleads innocent again for the umpteenth time.  Everyone will be watching. It's a Friday, so I will probably be watching on either the PC or the laptop.


  1. I don't know who is more scared, the ranting lunatic Thing 45 or the drunky hair dye melting Uncle Rudy.
    But I am here for it.

    1. I'm betting Rudy. If things get to bad for Trump he'll just get on board a friendly Russian Leer jet and fly away.

  2. Ohhh snails are super good. They keep my friend's tank pristine. And it's a natural tank.
    Audible does sound a little bit... whoa. But yes, that's how they make the moolah.
    As for Jabba the Orange? That ketchup must be flying!!! OMG can you imagine the wrath of a man who has never, ever been held accountable for anything being faced with 91 criminal charges. So good.
    The infighting will be delicious. I'll be watching, too.


  3. Do you think you will get a lot of downloads from audible?

    1. I have no idea. The narrator is pushing it on his Instagram account and it won't be available there for almost 2 months because Audible makes the rules that suit them the best.