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Friday, March 24, 2023

Trump Tormented

 Well, can we say "hello" to Friday?  The weather's a bit dismal.  We had rain yesterday, and rain is again in the forecast for today and tomorrow.  Central PA is sitting in the middle of a band of rain that stretches for hundreds of miles to the west and that band is moving eastward.  Like all stormy weather, it will pass.  

I worked for 5 hours yesterday.  Got one measure for a backsplash.  A young guy, I explained to him how expensive it was.  He called his wife to get her approval and she told him to go ahead.  Knowing that installing a backsplash isn't that difficult, I suggested that if the quote came back higher than they were expecting he could always do it himself.  He did not seem to excited about my suggestion. 

The 3rd editor has given his copy of The Body Under Ice back to me with his corrections.  He seems to think that I use semi-colons too often; they are necessary at times.

I zipped out in the drizzle this morning to snap another picture of my nectarine buds.  The peach tree is doesn't haven't as many, but then I cut it back severely last fall.  I'll be interested in seeing if the new growth is more vertical.

Of course, we're going to have to wait until next week for Trump to be indicted.  Until that happens, and even afterwards, his MAGA base is going to continue giving him money.  They have the same mindset as the people who continually send money to Joel Osteen, or any other quack Evangelical minister; blood suckers to the end.  Or I should say greenback suckers.  I used to feel sorry for those people who believe their donations are going to buy them a ticket to heaven, not so any more.  I wish someone with access to the information would find out just how much of the terrible credit card debt Americans have is due to these phony religious men who charge a fee for their prayers.  

Probably the only good thing about the delay in Trump's indictment is frenzied posts on Truth Social, which do get copied and pasted onto Twitter.  I find it rather joyful to see him tormented so.


  1. Aahh the scourge of the semi-colons! I remember that well from work!

  2. Oh, you know Orange Bozo will scam the rubes for all they're worth. A fool and his money...
    I do like that the repugs are running around with their hair on fire and trying all kinds of 'legal' maneuvers to get Der Groepenfuehrer out of the MANY serious legal problems that come his way. One (or more!) of those will stick. And they'll be stuck with Donnie Bratso. Good.

    Love how the nectarine buds are coming. I'm looking forward to seeing if my apple tree is coming back and how.


    1. I am sure more than one will stick, and their torture will be simply delightful

  3. I love how Osteen and his ilk, and Thing 45, go for the people with the littlest amount of money to spare and con them out of it.

    1. The less fortunate tend to be the less educated and therefore easier to dupe.