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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

In Truth

 My weekend started last evening.  I don't see a lot of exciting things happening in the next 2 days.  The weather is supposed to continue warming up.  Thursday, my day back at work, the high temp is predicted to be up in the 70s (F). 

And I do have to apologize for being remiss.  For some reason I thought Spring started today, on the 21st.  I was quite surprised when one of my customers told that yesterday was in fact the vernal equinox.  Had I known better there might have been a smidgen of a celebration.

The retail world was a mite busier yesterday.  I had some whoppingly nice sales (almost $6000) in blinds, and 3 measures.  You did read that correctly.  My bank account would have to be overflowing with greenbacks before I'd even consider spending that much money on faux wood blinds.

Before leaving work yesterday, I picked up a bifold door to go between the bathroom and the laundry room.  Later this morning it will be installed.  I chose solid rather than louvered because it's easier to paint.  Besides, I think solid door look better.

And today is Tuesday.  For those who don't know, today is the day Donald Trump told the world he was going to be arrested.  Well, the NYC District Attorney is going to disappoint him, probably on purpose because he deserves to be disappointed.  He deserves much more.  Don't worry.  The gates of Hell have begun to open.  

Many in Trump's MAGA base were complaining that Florida's Ronnie D wasn't spitting out enough pro-Trump rhetoric.  How galling it must be for Ronnie D. to be put in this position.  He wants to be our first duly elected fascist president, and he he is, sort of defending the man he wants to trample at the polls.  

And Republicans, themselves, are pulling out all of the stops of absurdity in order to try and discredit the approaching indictment.  Jesse Watters, of Fox, went so far as to say that Trump couldn't have had sex with Stormy Daniels because there was no baby.  Take a moment to let that sink in.  Take more than a few seconds.  Is he saying that every time Trump has sex with a woman she get's pregnant?  If that's true, then his sex life must have been pretty lonely.  Now, I want you to clear those thoughts from your mind, dwelling on them too long will lead to stomach cramps and nausea. 


  1. Grasping at straws, they are; fuck 'em.

  2. Ohh I kind of like the idea of a door there. I agree solid was the way to go, too.
    And the repugs are in disarray. Especially the MAGAts because you know that Cheeto will keep on going with 2024 until he's in jail. And Meatball Ron is just waiting to pounce. He may even amend the Florida constitution so he can be governor AND run for president at the same time...


    1. The door will make the room look more complete. DeSantis is in trouble because he, like many in the GOP, thought they could use Trump to slingshot their own agenda.

  3. That does seem to be an awful lot of money to be spending on faux wood flooring doesn't it. Maybe they financed it (or maybe they are just loaded)!

    1. It wasn't flooring, it blinds for the windows, and some people simply do not think.