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Saturday, March 25, 2023


 Well a happy good Saturday morning to you.  Keep in mind, Saturday will always be a work day for me, almost; in two weeks I've been scheduled off.  That is so unusual.  My weekends, the days I get most of the essentials done, are Tuesday and Wednesday.  Now I'm going to have to find something to do on a Saturday, when everybody else is trying to get things done.

And we did have rain yesterday... and we will have it again today.  I've checked the map, it's all coming up from the south.  This weather pattern reminds me of the one I used in The Body in Repose, where the front extended from New Orleans up into New York state.  The was the first of 2 books in which weather played a part in the storyline, the second being The Body Under Ice.  

I started watching Ted Lasso last evening, just the first episode.  I did laugh out loud.  I find it interesting that  the Apple + which has won the Emmy for best comedy series for 2 years in a row is filled will language usually reserved a mature audience, but then I realized that most Appleheads, those who live for Apple TV, are, for the most part, adults.  

This morning, as I was reading through the Washington Post, I saw this article on Philippe Petit.  Back in 1974 he walked between the World Trade Center buildings on a wire.  Evidently, Phill is still doing the same thing, though not nearly at that altitude, and I do mean altitude; the rooftops of the Trade Center buildings were definitely at nosebleed heights.  What makes this really impressive, is that Phil is 73 years old.  Just sit back and let that sink in.  

A bit of delightful news was released yesterday, regarding Mark Meadows and... well, a whole bunch of Trump's allies.  A Federal Judge has ruled that they must testify before the DOJ's January 6 Grand Jury.  They are not allowed to use the 5th Amendment.  Oh, and one of his attorneys was forced to answer questions yesterday regard his stealing of secret documents.  Evidently there is enough evidence now that he used his that attorney, as well as others, to commit a crime.

The Orange Anus is also holding a rally today in Waco, Texas.  30 years ago there was a terrible siege at Waco between the Federal Government and a cult led by a guy name David Koresh.  He, as well as a number of other cultists, died in the ensuing battle.  Don't doubt for a second Trump doesn't want to incite his own cult.  He probably sees that as his only way to survive.


  1. Euugghhh, I couldn't bear to watch that guy tightrope walking!!! Even just thinking about it gives me a weird sensation in my fingers (go figure)!

    1. Yeah, I probably would avoid that show, too.

  2. He is so transparent in the way he campaigns. Racist, cultist, fuck.

    1. And, if it's true that his attorney's have told him it's very likely he's going to go to jail, he will only get worse.