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Thursday, March 16, 2023

The Eyes Have It

 I get to work today, and of course the weather is supposed to be nice, climbing all the way into the 60s (F).  Tomorrow I'm off and rain is in the forecast.  If I'm remember correctly, this weather pattern is similar to the ones we've had over the past couple of years.  Whereas they saying is April shower bring May flowers, our rains have been starting more than a few days before April.  With the temps as warm as they are, my flowers will be popping out in April.  It's almost as if we're going through some sort of climate change 😎😎😎.

I had ordered glasses through Zenni since my prescription changed ever so slightly.  I gambled on a different kind of lens, one that has what they call Blokz, which is supposed to protect your eyes against UV rays.  Well, they arrived yesterday and I don't like them.  The Blokz adds a yellow tint to the lens to they almost look like very weak sunglasses.  After putting them on, I looked in the mirror and thought, oh, hell, I look like Sonny Bono.  Well, not quite, he was a lot shorter and had longer hair.  When I wear them, everything has a faint yellowish tint.  So, this morning I ordered a new pair, without the Blokz.  I will wear the old, new pair when I'm working in the yard, or planning on spending more than 5 minutes outside.

March Madness has started.  That has something to do with basketball, not the antics by the zany Republicans acting crazy in the House of Representatives.

There was an article in Newsweek this morning proclaiming that 1 in 4 Republicans believe the 2020 election was stolen.  That's actually down.  At one point it was closer to 1 out of every 2.  Time is dealing a harsh truth to the Republicans, something they will never understand.

Evidently there's a Trump appointed judge who will decide if one of the two medications used to provide non-surgical abortions should be taken off the market.  This is just one more example of how that minority group, the Conservatives, are jamming their middle finger into the faces of a majority of Americans.  They were hurt badly in the last election cycle because of their anti-abortion agenda.  They will never learn.  All they want to do is dance around singing, "Ha, Ha, we're going to force our beliefs down your throat."  Things are only going to get worse for them and I'm going to enjoy it.


  1. Yeah, those yellowy lenses would drive me crazy.

  2. Eh yeah, those glasses do make you look a bit jaundiced don't they!

    1. Supposedly they're very good for night driving, so I may keep them in my car.

  3. Oh? I thought they only did yellow with those yellow wraparound safety glasses? I actually wear a pair of those when I'm gardening cause I think they're cute. But I'm weird.
    I have to say I dig the frames, though. Very CIA agent in the 1950's kinda vibe and I'm here for it.
    As for the Repugs, reality is dealing blow after blow to their little hateful bubble and I like it. I hope more is on the way. Much, much more.


    1. The frames are super, the lens are bad. And everyone is waiting for the GOP bubble to burst.