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Saturday, March 11, 2023

Is Ronnie Gone, Gone, Gone?

Well, my Accuweather app isn't working.  We're under something called a Heavy Yellow Rain Advisory.  I Googled that since I didn't know what it was; ready for the definition?  In inches it means we should be getting anywhere between .25 inches to .5 inches of rain per hour (7.5 mm - 15 mm).   There is no time limit as to how long the heavy yellow is going to be falling.  We're also under a snow advisory with less than an inch in the forecast.  I do think we have a sloppy weekend ahead of us here in Central PA.  This is a bit of a foreboding sky, isn't it?

My replacement Cosori air fryer arrived yesterday.  I used it last night to make hamburgers.  Delicious.  The idea of purchasing a gas barbecue grill has occurred to me from time to time since I do enjoy a good hamburger, but the air fryer might just keep that expense at bay for the foreseeable future.

The kitchen ceiling finally got it's first primer coat yesterday afternoon.  Painting doesn't take long, I just need to get my butt motivated.  Because I had the ladder out, I also took some links out of the hanging kitchen light so it's higher.  When I initially installed it, I suspended the fixture rather low.  Even though it was not that low, people still ducked their heads when they walked beneath it.  That problem has now been fixed.

I saw this on Twitter yesterday and just had to share.  This is Ronnie DeSantis in all of his glory.

I understand Ronnie wants to put together his own army down in Florida.  The Florida State Guard is what he's calling it.  Right.  This would be a force he would control, with no ties to the Federal Government.  Supposedly they work in conjunction with the National Guard, but also be available to help out whenever Ronnie feels they are needed.  Besides sounding like he wants to put together his own private army, this militia would also create a rather large expense he would no doubt slough onto the middle - class tax payer.  Of course, those rich, conservative retirees living down in The Villages don't think about this.  If there are no ties to the Federal government, there are no supporting funds coming into the state to cover the expense of uniforms, and vehicles, and equipment... guns.  Perhaps this militia group will have to provide their own weapons and ammunition.  Wow!  Have you any idea what the price of bullets is today?  They make eggs look cheap.  The state would need to raise taxes in order for any reimbursement to take place.  Sounds like a plan that fills every rich, conservative's needs.



  1. His own army? How very fascist of him.

    PS Not a nice thing to do to Miss Vivien Leigh.

  2. I don't know much about DeSantis but I've read a lot about people despising him. What exactly is it that you despise? I'm not being funny here, I just don't know. Sorry if that sounds weird but being outside the US I don't get it all!

    1. As governor, his Republican legislature has passed to many bills that move the state to the far right. An example is with the books. He signed a bill that will for a school library to remove a book if just one person files a complaint. One of the books which was removed was The Diary of Anne Frank. And it's all grades. Another one pulled was J.D. Sallinger's Cather in the Rye, that was required reading when I was in high school.

    2. Ok gotcha. Books are sacred as far as I'm concerned!