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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Forecasting a Long Train Running

Wednesday.  This afternoon I will make a stop at the caterers to pay for the refreshments, and make a final visit to Graysonview, my Mom's senior living facility.  A company called Dirty Dog Hauling will be cleaning the rest of my Mom's furniture out of her apartment.  My sister has already taken what she wants, and has taken the clothing to the Salvation Army.  My brother and niece were there yesterday to get what they want.  I don't really want anything.  As soon as everything is gone Graysonview the apartment will be considered 'unoccupied' and Graysonview will stop charging us.  I have not been contacted by any one in management to discuss the situation.  It was the receptionist who quietly told me they don't care how long it takes to move things out... because you're paying the bill.  This is how greed works in America.
Later this morning I'm getting my hair cut.  Great fun there.  Oh, and I'm going to cut my fingernails.
The weather for tomorrow is supposed to be shitty.  Oh, well.  Looks like we may have about an inch or so of snow.  Initially, when the Funeral Director had suggested Thursday, I had pointed out to my brother the weather was not forecast to be good.  He wanted Thursday.  So, Thursday it is.  Oh, and another slight hitch in the plans deals with a road closure.  The main road to the church is closed for construction. This means we need to go in through an alternative route.  So, everybody needs to be notified that the easy way is not available.  Snow, plus the difficult getting there, means, I suspect, we're going to end up with a lot of leftovers.  This is life.  And, I can not wait until this whole thing is over.
On the lighter side of things... the Idiot Jerk's trophy wife, Melanoma, wants someone fired... John Bolton's assistant.  I'll bet that's going over well with John the Hardliner Conservative.
And Maryland is suing to keep Trump Scump Matthew Whitaker from taking his appointment position as the Idiot Jerk's court executioner.
And French President Macron told the Idiot Jerk Patriotism is far stronger than Nationalism... pretty much called him a dickhead for not attending those rainy ceremonies.  Of course the Idiot Jerk blamed his Secret Service (bet their happy about that) and then Tweeted something nasty.  Let's be honest here, without Twitter the Idiot Jerk is nothing more than a spineless sack of shit.
If he put his head down on the tracks he could that long, blue train running, hauling in car after car of  change.  Nah, he'll have to pay someone.
Yo, Donald, I think I hear the train

Or, maybe he should listen to the Doobies.


  1. Greed is right;and without an iota of sympathy, i imagine.

    Sidenote: I am loving this White House Hot Mess week,

    1. Nope, no sympathy.

      And you're so right about the 'Hot Mess.' What we're seeing is an eruption of shallow, self-centered bullshit from morally degenerate people.

  2. hint: take someone from the facility upstairs with you after your mom's place is cleaned out and make them sign/date a statement that they saw the cleaned out unit. otherwise, it's you word against theirs.

    I started reading your book this morning; I already found 2 spelling errors (pg 19 & pg 20). has my interest so far.

    1. done and verified.

      You will find more errors. I had 2 people proofread, they missed some. I have since found an editor.

    2. I used to write computer manuals for the federal guvmint (1979-1999). I LOVE how you weave some of your personal details into the book (the dogs, the bikes).