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Friday, August 5, 2016

Trumps speaks Trumplish

Am I the only one who's notice that Trump doesn't really speak... well, English... well?  He sort of wanders his way through words in something I feel we should start calling Trumplish.  And it's not only Donald, his Trumplodites have the same problem.  Now I realize that most of them didn't graduate from high school and those that did hated English but can't they at least try to be a little coherent?  Here's an example from Facebook.

I agree life is going to get worse if Hillary becomes president and Obama is not done trying to kill or destroy so much more for us before he leaves office. It is crazy and sad our own president against our country and Hillary is just like Obama. πŸ˜“ worried for all of our Safety.

Now, I don't know this person, but evidently they he / she has no concept of just what is a run on sentence.  Or maybe this is just they way they think... stream of consciousness.  One can only ponder if this is what Joyce aiming for in most of his work, and that maybe he has succeeded in ways he never conceived.  Nah, this is just some dumbshit.   This is just like Donald.

He doesn't even know how to conjugate.
Can you even imagine his acceptance speech if he wins?  


  1. rump and sarah palin and the rest of the knuckle-draggers speak a word salad known but to them. the rest of us intelligent folk sit back and laugh and say WTF and vote for HRC!

    1. Palin's been awful... quiet that is, I mean he didn't even ask her to speak at Trumpalooza.

  2. And then there is his misspelling of "their" and "waste". Perhaps he skipped that course at Wharton!

    1. He probably paid someone to sit through his Eng 101 class.