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Saturday, September 20, 2014

White Carpet

My schedule today is crap - a mid, meaning I start working at 10:45.  I hate shifts like this. They don't give me enough time to get things done.  On days when I have this type of schedule I don't get to take the girls up to the park.  In fact, tomorrow is going to be a shit day, too.

Anyway, I had off yesterday and got a lot accomplished.  One of things I did was buy a new carpet / rug for the dining room.  This is not that unusual because the girls tend to be hard on that carpet.  For some reason that's where they take their biscuits to eat them, and their bones to chew on.  As a result they get replaced about every six moths.  The one I picked up yesterday is white.  One of the first things a friend said to me was "you have dogs, why in hell would you buy a white carpet?"  My reply just kind of popped out of my mouth before I had a chance to think about it.  I said "why for the photo op of course."  See how pretty they look:

Of course, I have to admit it's not as white now as it was when I bought it, but it was inexpensive.  And of course I did get a lot of nice pictures, and sometimes isn't that what counts?