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Thursday, November 16, 2023

The Punch and Judy Show

 Well, it's Thursday and that means I have to go in to work this morning.  Can you see the excitement in my words?  Actually, it's not that bad since for the foreseeable future I'll be back on my regular shift with Tuesday through Friday off.  

Weather wise, our afternoon temps are going to be zooming up into the upper 60s (F) today and tomorrow, and for those keeping track, this would be our 2nd Indian Summer since our first frost.  While our summer was fairly wet, the rain seems to have trickled away with us not getting occasional showers.  That's not a good thing for this time of year, when a gazillion leaves have fallen from the forests of Central PA.  

I talked to Amazon about the delivery situation for my TV, the fact that it was just left on my porch, and their customer service seems to think I clicked the wrong box when placing my order.  I've revisited that screen several times to see if they're correct, and to be honest, it might have been my fault.  I had done most of my research at work (yes, I do that when it's slow), so, when I was click, click, clicking to make my purchase, I may have clicked the button above the one ordering the free deluxe delivery.  Still, they were nide about the whole thing, giving me a $50 credit.

An interesting aspect of this new TV is that I can now control my washer and drying from my living room, should I ever have the desire to do so.

So both the House and the Senate have approved a stopgap measure to keep paying the country's bills.  I find it fascinating that Speaker Johnson did the same thing that McCarthy did, put forth legislation that moderate Republicans and Democrats approved of without getting fired.  Could the Ultra-Right have learned that firing the Speaker of the House makes them look bad?  I doubt it.  That would mean they've learned a lesson, and we all know that's an impossibility for Conservatives.

And Chip Roy, a Texas Republican in the House, and member of the Far Right Freedom Caucus, went had a hizzy fit on the House floor yesterday when he shrieked about Republican Congressmen not doing anything he can take back to his constituents.  This is funny because being a member of Freedom Caucus he is against Social Security and Medicare.  Yep, his idea of taking something back to his constituents means telling them those two things away, or that they're pushing a law to ban all abortions after 6 weeks.  Both of those things would kill his candidacy, so maybe he should be grateful their only seeing the Republican version of the Punch and Judy Show.


  1. Roy is right. The GOP has done nothing.

  2. Ohhh
    Yes, those new gadgets can literally run your house for you if you let them.

    As for Mike Johnson, you are right, he did exactly the same Kevin did but he does not have (yet) the enemies Kevin has. That's a big difference in backstabbing.
    Oh, and did you see that yesterday a judge slammed Alex Jones publicly cause he was grandstanding and lying? Love to see it.


  3. Enjoy that weather, Dave. We are getting lots of sunshine and highs in the low 60s lately. It is pretty awesome. Good to know I can hit the "freshen up" while watching football on the couch. I am already lazy enough getting clothes out of the dryer. This will not help.

  4. I don't know how much more the Repukes can get more appalling and embarrassing.

    1. I suspect they still have some distance to go before their cult goes away.

  5. Wow, controlling your washer and dryer from your TV set is about 10 generations of new technology too much for me!

    1. To be fair, you can also use it as a monitor if you're working at home.