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Saturday, November 18, 2023

Republican Tools

 Saturday morning is cloudy, breezy, and cooler.  We did have rain over night, basically showers.  We haven't had a good soaker in some time and while I haven't heard anything about a fire watch, I wouldn't be surprised if that happens, what with all of these leaves blowing around.

A lot was accomplished yesterday.  Painting, (just about finished), cleaning the smaller tank, putting the garden hose down in the basement, making beef stew, and, of course working on The Body in Motion.  There were also 2 loads of laundry and Lily's daily walk.  

I'll be spending sometime at the orange home improvement retailer this afternoon.  Fun stuff.  I'm wondering if it will be any busier than it's been in the past.

I did hear back from Bethesda game studios, and while the response was nice, they are still recommending fixes that are simply unavailable at that point in the game.  I sent them a nice response, asking them to do what I think they might say is impossible.  We shall wait and see.  Until then, I've bought 2 other new games, something called Immortals, and the latest in the Assassin's Creed franchise, Mirage.  I find the idea of being a hunky assassin in Baghdad interesting.

So, are Republican finally beginning to show they might actually have some sort of backbone?  Will they actually expel George Santos so he can stand trial and go to jail?  The answer is... possibly.  The lust for power is strong in them and he will vote alongside the far right crazies to give them what they want as long as they protect him.  This being said, I do believe many, many of us realize that Santos has always been Tool, and that Republicans will embrace corruption if it gives them the votes they need to foist their craziness on America.  But then so is Elise Stefanik, who, it seems added to her complaint against the Judge in Trump's New York corruption trial.  She endorsed Santos.  We shall see what kind of Tool she is when it comes to voting on his future in the House of Representatives.  I'm betting one Tool is going to vote to save the ass of the other Tool.



  1. Elise Stefanik is the worst kind of politician, and perfect for the GOP

    1. And she thinks she's vice presidential material... can you hear me laughing?

  2. I had visiting cousins in town last night, and we had dinner in town at the Cork and Fork. On their way down , right above Scranton, they said the side of the road was on fire for about a mile, traffic down to one lane. Meanwhile four tables could be overheard talking about how lousy the R party is. Even r voters are getting tired of their own representation. The once with any sense anyhow.

    1. Quite a few Republicans are fed up, and come November 2024, they're going to stay away from the polls.