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Thursday, November 2, 2023

Lily on the Bed

 Good morning!  A little later than usual, but I had breakfast with my brother and we both arrived a little late.  I, because he sent me a text telling me he was going to be late and I wasn't expecting the traffic, he, because he was busy feeding his farm animals and... there was frost on his windshield.  That's right, the temps dropped down to 31 (F).  We finally had our first (late) frost of the year.  For those of you whose hands have been sweaty with anticipation, we can no have Indian Summer.

And, of course, I had to listen to the new Beatles song Now and Then.  Having lived through Beatlemania, I found it quite touching.  I'm sure many who lived through the Beatles will be reaching for a tissue.

Yesterday afternoon I went over to my new neighbors to ask her to turn down her music, when I can hear the vocals through the wall it's too loud, and instead of apologizing, the first thing she asked was "do you like the song?"  Dear me.  We're on very friendly terms, so the conversation was nice, however she told me she misses her mom, that they used to get together every day and now her mom lives an hour away.  Her husband works for US Postal Service down in Lancaster and he doesn't want to transfer up to Harrisburg, so he commutes an hour every day; that will get old fast.  This is actually the first home they've ever purchased, mostly, I suspect, because it was painted gray and had new appliances.  Other than that, I don't think they put a lot of thought into it.  I wouldn't be surprised if it's not back on the market in a few years.

When I went up to bed last evening, as is now the case, she was already there.

So, what's going to happen with the Republican held congress?  Not much.  At least not for the next year and a half.  They are going to stamp their feet and shriek "no, no, no," until they're red in the face, notice I didn't say blue in the face, that's something that will never happen to a hardline cult member.  And when the more reasonable Democrats take back control of the House of Representatives, the Republican cultists will dig themselves in even deeper, unless, of course they get primaried out or simply voted out.  When that happens you can rest assured they'll cry Voter Fraud since that lie is now part of their DNA.

Interesting bit from Arizona:  Kristen Sinema is polling behind both the Democrat and Republican candidates because she, too, is stupid.  She thought she'd splinter people off from both parties and win as an Independent.  She doesn't understand that her constituents, most Democrats, see her as a failure.

And, joy of joys, more polls are coming out showing that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is siphoning voters away from Trump, not Biden, as the cultists thought.  This is because Republicans are stupid.  


  1. Aww Lily!
    And you can hear the vocal THROUGH the wall?? How far is that house from yours? Three inches?

    And the Repugs are in absolute disarray. They won't do squat and then they'll blame uncle Joe. Of course.
    Sinema, that see you next Tuesday? Good.
    Bobby is looney.


    1. Yes, this house was built in 1905, that's before they had radios. Victrolas, yes, radios no.

  2. The GOP pushed RFK because they thought he'd hurt Biden, but his brand of crazy appeals to the crazies following Thing 45.

  3. It's good that you get along with your neighbours, but you're right - that commute will get old REALLY fast!