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Saturday, July 29, 2023

Wiping Things Clean

 It's Saturday, and we have a 98% chance of rain today.  The temperature might climb to 91 (F), that's iffy, I suspect, depending upon the rains get here.  We did have rain last night, which seems to be the weather pattern we seem to be stuck in and the longer we stay in it, the less likely my yard will turn brown.  It's nearly August and my lawn is lush and verdant.

Whereas Thursday had been very productive, yesterday was not so much.  I did get things done, but I'd wanted to go for a ride in Corsica and that didn't happen.  Not that I spent the rehearsing to be a lackluster dullard, the front aquarium did get cleaned, the dishes done, and words written. There was just nothing physical, nothing to burn calories, which is always aggravating.

I don't know about you, but I truly despise the new Twitter logo.  An X.  It looks stupid on my phone, and evidently Musty Musk doesn't have the trademark.  Excuse me, but isn't that the definition of stupid?  Change you company's logo without owning the trademark?  

Yesterday I did pull the hard drive from that old Dell Inspiron laptop I have.  To make sure it's totally destroyed, I'm going to drop it into the industrial compactor at work this afternoon.  

Here's one of my dahlias.  I love the color.

So, the attorneys for our morally degenerate former president, ie the Orange Anus, met with the DOJ on Thursday.  Everybody was anticipating more indictments.  Well, disappointingly enough, that didn't happen, however yesterday we learned that more charges had been added to the Mar a Lago document case.  He evidently wanted to have the server for the security cameras "wiped clean."  This information comes courtesy of a first hand witness.  In case you didn't know, wiping the server clean, erasing all documentation of whom he was showing those secret documents to, is obstruction. 

And then Sammy Alito claimed in an interview with the Wall Street Journal that Congress can't enforce ethics changes at the Supreme Court.  Sounds like Sammy wants to be a two-bit dictator of sorts, don't it?  Sammy's also a bit mistaken.  In fact, people are saying it appears that he's gone off the deep end.  I don't think anybody would be surprised if that's true.


  1. Maybe Congress should impeach Sammy.

    As for Elon, he's either too stupid to check out his new logo or too stupid to hire people to do it for him.

    1. Sammy suspects they'll never get enough votes to impeach him.