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Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Republican Masks

 Happy 5th of July!  I know it's not a holiday, but decided to throw it out there just in case any of you were still in the holiday spirit.  

The quiche did not get baked yesterday, it will be dinner this evening.  I actually didn't do much yesterday.  I did do the dumbbell workout, but the ride was scrapped in favor of a nap.  That's one thing I've notice about my schedule, after working 3 days in a row, I inevitably feel napping should be prioritized on my next day of rest.  Not that Lily minds.  All I have to say is that one little word and she racing up the stairs to the bed.

She was a bit disappointed this AM when I made my breakfast: no bananas.  I cut up the last one yesterday.  Rather than drive the 5 minutes to my local, neighborhood Giant supermarket, I did without the morning.  Lily love bananas, so she had to do without as well.  I tried substituting a walnut since it's just as healthy and she didn't want anything to do with it.

I'm planning on uploading another one of my little videos to my channel today on the next book.  I'm going to try and upload one weekly, just in case anyone wants to watch the creative process in action.  

A funny thing about the Kennedy campaign, Republicans who anticipated his taking voters away from Biden are now finding out they were wrong.  In reality, it seems as though he's bleeding voters away from Trump.  

A small bag of white powder was found in the White House and as usual Republicans think this is another way for them to kick Hunter Biden.  They have a problem, however, most people think this tiny bag was most like planted by a Republican desperate to keep kicking a dead horse.  

And then there's the flag Trump posted on his Truth Social account, the one that read Fuck Biden.  Ouch.  Just when you thought every Republican mask had been ripped off, another makes an appearance waiting to be torn away to reveal even more evil.  The heart and soul of the Republican party stinks with the stench of pure evil, and of course, the MAGA Cult ate it up.


  1. Thing 45 is feeding his base of haters and, thanks Hillary, deplorables.

    Maybe the white powder was left by Junior?

    1. It's already been debunked, but that's something their small minds simply cannot grasp.

  2. Oh, Kennedy.
    Of course he's gonna take voters away from Mango Mussolini. He's a less orange version of the Orange One, that's all. As crazy and as deranged as 45.
    And that coke baggie? Planted, of course. And it was in a 'tourist' area. Anybody could have left it there.


    1. Yes, it was coke in a little baggie, one more dead horse for the Republicans to kick.

  3. I've never heard of a dog eating bananas. How sweet! My neighbours made me laugh when they recounted how on an elephant ride in Thailand the trainer told them to feed a banana to the elephant - and the husband started to peel it!

    1. Lily loves bananas. The instant I go to make my breakfast she's right beside me watching my every move. I did have to laugh at peeling the banana for the elephant!