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Tuesday, July 25, 2023


 My long weekly mini-vaca starts today.  I will not be sitting at the flooring desk until Saturday, when I will once again begin my 3 day stretch.  Next week, however, I be doing the odd 3 day schedule again, working Thursday and off Sunday for a visit to York.  

A thunderstorm passed overhead last night with a lot of rain.  This one actually woke me up... somewhat, I could hear the thunder and for a few moments I was vaguely aware of rain pounding down against the bedroom windows.  The storm didn't really disturb me.  About 2:30 am, however, I did wake up and make did a little research on book number 8.  This is why I have a tablet by the bed.  Needless to say, notes were taken.

Even though retail was slow yesterday, I did manage to get my 2 requisite measures for the week.  I'm set.  I have 9 installs waiting to go, all I need to do is hope those customers decide to "pull the trigger," as they say.  There's a big meeting happing on Friday where, from what I've heard, management is going to start twisting the thumbscrews.  This will effect the full-timers more than it will me.  This is what happens when corporate executives make bad business decisions.

Here's a pic of Lily impatiently waiting to go for her morning walk.  She is getting so gray around her muzzle.

Ronnie DeSantis is doubling down on his racist opinion that slaves benefitted from the enslavement because... well, Meatball Ron believes that backing down would make him look weak.  While this might play well with the MAGA cult, for many in America it's a really bad failure.  I don't know who told him alienating whole voting blocs was a good idea, but, well as far as Democrats are concerned, it's a good way to keep Republicans from voting for him.  Fox News, in their attempt to aid and abet him, some ass named Greg Gutfield actually said that some Jews benefitted from the Holocaust.  

And, as the trucks continue to gather outside the DC Courthouse, the glow of satisfaction is beginning to well up from my heart like a many colored aura filling the air with delight.  We would have missed all of Trump's suffering if he'd been indicted earlier just to satisfy those impatient few who needed to see him in cuffs sooner.  His inane rantings on Truth Social are almost as good as manna in the wilderness as each day we learn one more person has flipped.  Yes, the floodgates have opened.  All of those rats he surrounded himself with are desperately trying to avoid being skinned alive.  If I were very religious, I say Judgement is coming for the Republican Party.


  1. OMG Lily looks soooo cute!
    And I just recently learned about the graying in the muzzle with age. I know. I'm not a per person!
    As for Meatball Ron, love to see an implosion. His campaign seems to be literally soundbites and inflammatory graphics. Woke this, Woke that. And nothing more...That latest 'slavery was a vocational school' fuckery is really beyond anything. Really.
    As for Jabba The Orange? His meltdowns are EPIC. Whoa. You are right, it was worth waiting to see how much shit the DOJ has on him. Can't wait.


    1. She's much grayer in person. And I don't think Ronnie's going to be with us much longer.

  2. Of course I slept through the whole storm last night. I sleep like the Dead. Someone can come in and rob my house and I'd never hear it.

    And I know that look for walk time. Buster gives it all the time. It's like let's go toots!

  3. I think the guy who signed that law into effect should be voted from office and end up at the bottom of the GOP Presidential Barrel™.
    And any Republican who says nothing about this batshit crazy foolishness needs to be voted from office.

    1. I suspect he'll be voted out next election, though he'll reach the bottom of the barrel way before then.