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Thursday, May 4, 2023

Remember Riunite on Ice?

 We had spotty showers yesterday.  The same thing is predicted for today as well.  We're still not supposed to hit that 60 (F) degree mark.  I'd like to say I can't wait for summer, but that means the heat and we never know about that.  Luckily, those 100 (F) degree days have missed us here in Central Pa.  At some point our luck is going to give out and then people are going to complain.

I had my blood draw yesterday for the physical I have scheduled for next week.  They only took 3 vials, and of course the standard cup of coffee scented pee.  Usually I have milk in my coffee, but on blood draw mornings I forgo the milk because of... fasting.

And yesterday was also fitness day.  Around 10 am I drove over to Planet Fitness for the first time since the pandemic.  I have dumbbells but I can be very lax when it comes to using them regularly.  It turns out that 10 am is the perfect time, the gym was fairly empty except for older people, so there were no waiting times to use any of the equipment.  

Adding to the fitness fun, later in the afternoon I rode 14 miles in Italy.  That was good, too.  I averaged around 16 miles per hour.

There's a section in the new book were the team orders Chinese food and, of course, they need to pair their dinner with the perfect wine.  Well, it turns out that you should drink Lambrusco with Sweet and Sour Chicken, and since I can't ever remember drinking Lambrusco I thought I should at least give it a try.  Well, my local store only carried Riunite and besides having a twisty cap, it's very cheap.  I do think quality is reflected in cost, so rather than buy something inexpensive, I ordered a more expensive bottle, not so expensive that if I find it not to my liking I'll have problems pouring it away. 

And yesterday the Russians said they thwarted an assassination attempt on Putin by taking down two drones that had been sent to kill him.  Nobody believes them.  Nobody believes the Russians anymore except those who want to ally themselves with an authoritarian government.  The Russkies also told the world the drones had been sent by the Ukraine.  Nobody believes that either.  If there were drones, they were most likely sent by anti-Putin forces in Russia.  His 3 day war with the Ukraine has been going for quite some time now and many of Russians are becoming dissatisfied with what they are seeing as his failure.  There is the possibility that they're going to use this as an excuse for more intensive rocket attacks against Kiev.   Who knows with the Russians.
And evidently Jack Smith sat in on Mikey Pence's testimony before the Grand Jury.  Interesting.  They even talked afterwards.  While this does not make them bosom buddies I'd say it probably doesn't bode well for the Orange Despot wannabe.



  1. I'm not sure you're missing out by not having Labrusco to be honest, but I'd be curious to know what you think of the other wine (never heard of it, actually)!

  2. Oh, when I heard that Jack sat in on The Devil's Butler deposition I just could imagine Mango Mussolini throwing ketchup to the wall. Mother's Boy is many things but he is NOT prison material. They'd have him doubled over a cot in three seconds, so he'll sing like a bird.

    And Vlad is inventing more and more deranged things. I sometimes forget that he thought it was gonna take a weekend to take over Ukraine...


    1. I do suspect Vlad is approaching pure panic mode.

  3. And if somebody's trying to assassinate Putin who cares? After all he's involved in a war.

    1. No one's trying to assassinate him, he just wants to blame someone, anyone to take the attention away from the fact that the his war is going to hell.

  4. Victim Putin. Still, if only ....
    I hope Michael Elizabeth Pence really ratted in Thing 45.