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Monday, May 8, 2023

Hot Stuff

 And yes, another work week has begun.  Even for me.  I'm scheduled for an 8 hour shift.  Can you read the excitement in my words?  That's because Mondays, after the contractors have paid us their visits, tend to be slow.  In hopes of driving sales, corporate has decided to run a "measure contest," for the month of May.  To reinforce this our Specialty ASM has had our store sign maker paint an large (3' x 4') sign which lists the prizes.  And because they want every one of our customers to know our main goal is to get a measure, it's being hung by the Flooring Desk.  Now they will know we are engaging them in order to get free donuts (this is me being sarcastic).  

Weatherwise:  we were supposed to get rain yesterday and nary a drop.  Yep, there was this great green blob on the weather map, however as it approached Harrisburg, it fell apart.  So, we got no rain.  Today it's supposed to be nice.  Tomorrow, the weather's supposed to be cool and rainy, and then Wednesday warm and sunny, and perfect for yardwork.

I received an email from the Wine Store, my order of Lambrusco has been cancelled.  Evidently I'm not supposed to drink any.  Probably no loss.

My new red socks arrived.  Hot Stuff!

And, of course, Trump was a no show after telling the world on Social Media that he was leaving to come testify.  His buffoonery is quite the joke.  I think it's really rather funny that he and his ilk believe the represents a viable opponent to Biden.  Trump doesn't understand that the loyalty he's bought isn't worth the paper it's printed on, and in order to save their own hides, those loyalists will flip so fast America will think the Republican party has turned into a pancake factory (thanks Jon).  Those who don't flip will stay loyalists mostly because of stupidity than anything else.

I saw an interesting bit this am about Ronnie D and his feud with Disney in Newsweek, which is not know for being too astute.  They said it appears to be working for him and may actually give his campaign the needed boost it needs.  Well, that's hogwash.  I see that as a puff piece written one of his cronies to give Puddin' Head Ron's ego a lift since he just isn't that popular with Centrists and Independents.


  1. Of course Thing 45 never showed; pussy whipped loser.
    But he'll say he wanted to but the judge refused.

  2. I couldn't help but notice your socks have a cock on them!

    I even ask people or not satisfied with Biden I still don't think Trump or DeSantis would win against him.

    1. Biden will win, prepare for more election fraud lies.

  3. Ohhh a measure contest, huh? Interesting.
    And you know Orange Jabba is all talk no substance. That's what his base calls 'aggressive'. Idiots.
    Meatball Ron and Newsweek? they belong together. I love how Disney is gonna kick his ass.


    1. Hey, I did get a measure today, so that means I got some points.