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Monday, May 29, 2023

Memorial Day

 Memorial Day is here.

I work.  Nothing new there.  I've gained 3.3 pounds so far and more ounces might be added today because food will be available at work.  Today, barbecue chicken is the main course, until they run out.  Then they will switch to hamburgers and hot dogs.  I'll eat either.  Honestly, I'm not one of those people who sees grilled chicken as being better than burgers and dogs.  It's all food and while each might taste different, my stomach is not that refined to really care.

One thing that is missing is the baked goods.  Usually there were trays of cookies, a large assortment which truly pleased the grazer in me.  Cookies don't seem to be on the menu.  They had small bags of Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies yesterday.  They were not what I was looking for.

Sales wise:  except for our Garden Department, we're tanking.

An update on the audiobook.  My narrator has the holiday off, but will return to the studio tomorrow. He's up to chapter 24 and expects to have the book completely recorded by the end of Wednesday, at which point he will begin editing.  

My honeysuckle is beginning to bloom.  I love the scent of honeysuckle.

And, being that it is a holiday, very little news is being generated for public consumption, so sit back and enjoy the quiet for a while.


  1. I planted honeysuckle in what looked like an impossible place at my home but the thing has gone nuts. Not sure it has a perfume but at least it will hide the wood I'll get delivered when my new fire insert is delivered!

    1. It has a sweet scent but not overbearing or cloying. My grandmother had them growing up a trellis by her back porch.