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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

As It Should Be

 I hope everyone who was celebrating Memorial Day had a good holiday.  As usual, I worked and was rather busy in the morning.  Business died out terribly in the afternoon because the weather was beautiful, temps in the mid 80s (F), full sun, so most customers went elsewhere to spend the day.

Today starts my stint of 4 days off.  This schedule, working the weekend with the week off seems to be hanging around a lot longer than I had expected.  The only downside is that when I do work, if business is slow, I find myself getting bored very fast.  

They did set up a rather nice buffet for us yesterday, hamburgers, hot dogs, and chicken, though because we were busy in the morning I didn't get to graze as much as normal.  When I stepped on the scale this morning I'd actually lost .7 pounds since yesterday's weigh-in.  Of course, with all the grazing I'd done on Saturday and Sunday, that .7 pounds barely put a dent in pounds all those extra calories had built.

Even though I cut the Hell out of my peach tree, I'm pleased to say that I still have peaches this year, not the bushels I had over the last few years, but enough to prove that the tree might be better off after the hacking I did to it.  I wonder if the same thing will happen to my nectarine tree.

One of the most amusing things politically that happened this past weekend was Peter Doocy asking Biden if he'd pardon former presidents.  Videos of that question popped up on many social media sites simply because of Biden's response.  Rather than give a yeah or nay answer, all he did was laugh and turn away.  The cult of MAGA was not appreciative.  However, a majority of Americans who saw the exchanged merely nodded their heads and thought to themselves, "as it should be."


  1. Ohh
    That tree really benefitted from the cutting! I hope I get some apples. Last year it was just a few.
    And Uncle Joe laughing on the face of Doocy? Priceless. Dark Brandon has been on fire.


    1. Pardons are one of the things that got us into this mess in the first place.

  2. Huh? "pardon former presidents"? Which former presidents need a pardon besides the rapist racist traitor who deserves every ounce of jail time and monetary punishment he gets.

    1. The sooner jail time arrives, the better this country will be.