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Saturday, February 26, 2022

Looking Putin in the Eye

 Well, what do you know, it's the weekend.  As usual, I have to work for 6 hours, from 1 - 7.  I will take a break around 4 ish as part of my routine.  Whether it's going to be busy is anybody's guess.  Temps are supposed to climb into the upper 30's (not wowie wow weather), though the sun is supposed to be shining.  One of the Specialists in my department is on vacation, so it might be hectic.

I'm going to be making an appointment to take Biggie to the vet, his furuncles are not getting any better.  Maybe Tuesday or Wednesday.  I will update his arthritis medicine at that time, as well.  Aging dogs... they need special treatment.  Not a big price at all when you think of how much joy they provide.

And I did finish (almost) rearranging my computer / workout room.  I have much more space.  Now I don't have to worry about falling out of the window if I happen to fall sideways.  And, I've been thinking about selling my Cannondale X-6.  That was the first bicycle I bought about 10 years ago.  I'm probably never going ride it again, and right now, all it's doing is gathering dust.

The new arrangement 

There's a lot of concern out there that in desperation, Putin might use Nukes.  That'll never happen for several reasons.  1. That would make him look like a desperate, little man who's sees them as a last resort.  Using them would turn him into the worst failure in the world.  2.  The Russian military will take him out before he goes that far.  They want to be seen as strong.  Using Nukes is a sign of weakness and desperation, especially when the country they're invading has no Nukes. 3.  Time is beginning to run out on his invasion.  The world does not want long, drawn out wars.  The Stock Market does not like long, drawn out wars.  I do suspecting Putin thought this was going to be a slam dunk.  It isn't.  Russian soldiers are dying which is very unpopular in the motherland.  4. NATO has been activated.  For those who don't know, NATO was established to keep Russia at bay.  Yep, a Russian invasion was the threat they were concerned about.  Now it's been activated.  What does NATO do? It looks Putin directly in the eye and says "fuck you, asshole."

Finally, isn't it amazing how the far right Republicans are blaming everybody but Putin.  You do know, they thought Trump was going to be a Putin mini-me.  They were wrong.  We need to vote them all out of public office, otherwise what's happening in the Ukraine might happen here.  Vote Blue!


  1. If anyone is going to look Putin in the eye, they're going to have to crouch down! Ha! You know he has LMS.