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Sunday, February 20, 2022

I got mine

 Well, today's going to be a slow Sunday.  I work for almost 8 hours.  I get to work for another 7 hours tomorrow, and then I have off for my mid-week weekend.

Oh, and it's cold here in Central PA - 18 (F).  Winter is not over yet... though the temps will be in the low to mid 60's for the next 3 days.  That's right, on Tuesday and Wednesday the weather will have spring like temps, however there will be... rain.  The dogs mind the rain, I don't.  Hopefully it will just be showers.

My test kits were waiting for me in my mailbox when I got home last evening.  Unlike some who desperately worry that every sniffle is the onset of Covid and will use these tests at the drop of a hat, I'll wait until I run a steady fever... or find myself breathless.  For all I know, I've already had it and exhibited very minor symptoms, something I could very easily overlook.  I take my temp every day I work and it's always sitting at 97.6 (F), never higher, never lower.  So, they may end up sitting in a drawer until way past their expiration date, but at least I have them, which is a nice thing.

For those who missed it, Frankie Graham got dinged by Facebook last week by posting a lie about Hillary Clinton.  When a faux Christian of his stature stoops to dropping falsehoods, he must truly be desperate.  Anyway, that got me to thinking:  what other mistakes has Frankie purposely made.  Lo, and behold, according to the Baptist News Franklin Graham not only dropped a whopper, he was downright blasphemous.  You see, Frankie compared those ten Republicans who voted to impeach Donald Trump to Judas Iscariot, implying something akin to 30 pieces of silver passed hands.  One suspects that Frankie, like the Orange Anus, is clinging to the power he so desperately feels he deserves, and as such is just as big a loser.



  1. Franklin Graham is a liar?
    A man of god [little g] is a liar??
    Well, I never! [sarcasm font]

  2. I would probably be your ideal customer. I reckon it would take me about 10 minutes to choose windows/blinds/carpets, the lot. Heck I chose two new pairs of glasses in about 5 minutes - the guy said he thought I'd broken the record for speed!

    1. I think you're trying to say both of us a fairly decisive.

  3. I didn't order any test kits. When my uncle and cousin caught covid, his older son's wife who is a doctor sent us a dozen boxes of rapid test kits. We have only used two so far.

  4. I got my Free Tests too, I've had The Rona, a bad case of it even tho' fully Vaxxed and Boosted, but hope not to have to endure that misery again. But, not everyone in our household has had it and until it burns thru the entire population I suppose having the Tests is a good thing that might come in handy? You can catch it more than once, one person in our Household has had it Twice already, once before Vaccines and once after being Vaxxed but not Boosted... he's a Teen and an otherwise Healthy Young Man but he had a bad case of it both times. I've known elderly people who were Asymptomatic or had light symptoms, so you just never know how you are going to fare with that shit.