I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Saturday, October 23, 2021


 Ahhh, the weekend.  I work 6 hours today, they're even giving me a lunch, I might just turn it into a break since rain is in the forecast.  In fact, the whole weekend there's good possibility we'll be getting rain.

I slept in again because Biggie hurt his paw, or his knee, or something, jumping off the bed.  He was panting badly and for a while I thought he might be having a mini-stroke.  While he slept through the night, I worried, until around 0300.  That's when he started snoring and I knew I was blowing things up out of proportion.  He has arthritis in his hip, so I think I'll be giving him his meds daily for a while.

Oh, and they just showed up to do my roof, so.... should I take a personal day? I was told I didn't really need to be here, so... I'll probably go to work.  Sitting here, I'll have to listen to the dogs barking constantly.  You would never think Biggie had an issue last evening.

I'm up to Chapter 27 in the first draft of The Body in Repose, so I thought I'd give you a little mystery.  I took the first page of the previous chapter (26), and cut out the paragraphs, and then rearranged them.  If you want, you can embiggen and try to figure out which paragraphs go where... oh, there just might be a clue here.

I saw where Mikey Pence was at an In and Out burger joint and dropped a definite hint at making a presidential run in 2024.  Stop Laughing.  He is going to tear apart the Evangelical crowd, because you know Trump will  lie through his teeth to make them believe he's the Chosen one.  Dumb asses.  They have no clue as to how bad this makes Christians look.


  1. I cam back again and it's going to rain up there again....maybe my mother is right?!?!?

    I would be highly surprised if Pence would run.

    1. Pence will run because he believes God wants him to run.