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Tuesday, October 19, 2021


 Off today, temps are supposed to be in the low 70's (F) and I need to mow the lawn.  Two years ago the summer was wet, the grass stayed green, and mowing was frequent, but not as frequent as this year.  Rather than the normal 4 -5 week stretch with out rain, the skies over Central PA have rained down upon us with almost consistent regularity.  I'm a little tired of the rain.  And, of course, people are wondering about what the winter's going to look like, and how frequently we'll be getting snow.

An interesting aspect of going part-time is the decreasing need for me to take my own lunch to work.  This was something that never occurred to me, but this detail turns out to be a bit of a savings.  Shopping at my local Giant always entailed buying the necessary ingredients to cook 5 lunches every week.  Now there's extra meat in my freezer and I'm saying "wow, I'd better start cooking."

Tonight was supposed to be movie night, but that's been changed to Thursday, so you'll have to wait for my comments.

One of the interesting things about this past summer was that the dahlias that I left winter outside have bloomed continuously week, after week, after week.  I just ran out and took this picture.  The roses are still blooming, too, but the explosive pink of the dahlias steals the show.

And, of course, Loser #45 has sued to keep the National Archives from releasing documents relating to January 6 because... well, he probably doesn't want Americans knowing how much he was cheering on the rioters and insurrectionists.  The funding for this lawsuit is not coming from his own pockets, however, nope. This thing's being paid for by MAGA money; all those dollars mini-losers sent his super-pac to 'stop the steal.'  That money can be used for just about anything he wants, and right now he's desperately trying to keep those explosive documents out the hands of the House investigating committee.


  1. He's a suer.
    And a sewer.
    And a loser.

  2. Ohh love the Dahlias! So pretty!
    I've had roses literally until last week. It's chilly now, and most of the flowers are gone. I have three mums, though, that are hanging on.
    And Cheeto sues everybody to slow walk the process (it's not his money, as you say) I hope EVERYTHING comes to light. Not for his followers, but as catharsis for me and everybody else who despises him.


    1. I suspect things will be coming to light for the next 3 or 4 decades

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, I didn't think these were going to survive last winter.

  4. My mother always jokes, when I return back up here the sun always comes back.

    1. Does this mean you are her little ray of sunshine?