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Friday, October 1, 2021

Here I Go

Well, here we go.  Friday, October 1 has arrived and I have a doctor's appointment this morning.  This is actually a preliminary visit in order to set up a second appointment with an orthopedic specialist.  I actually have pictures of my MRI from 6 years ago to take along.  Always be prepared.

My next part-time schedule was posted and they have me working 29.5 hours, four days.  Once October 11 rolls around and everything is 'official,' I'm going to take Monday, Wednesday and Friday out of my availability.  I want to insure that part-time truly is part-time.  Supposedly they're going to replace my fulltime position, however we will be heading into winter hours after Black Friday, so that will probably not happen until sometime in late February or early March.

For those interested in my writing process, I made this short video.  That's right, you'll get to hear me speaking in my 1950's documentary voice.

I saw where Justice Samuel Alito spit out some sort of tripe about those claiming the Court has become horrifically biased towards the Right.  What surprised me most was this belief he has that the Supreme Court is above judgement.  You can almost hear him saying we are stupid, they are not.  I thought his use of the word 'nefarious' was sadly poetic, as he attempted to justify what they do behind closed doors.  Doesn't it seem like some of the justices are going overboard in an attempt to cover up their bias?  Amy Coney Phony claims their not political hacks.  Thomas rails that Americans will destroy the institution.  Now Alito is saying that 'what happens in the dark, stays in the dark,' but that they're not being nefarious.  Doesn't it seem as thought they've become very defensive about their shift to the Right?  Unfortunately, just like pad prophets interpreting the scriptures, they will interpret the Constitution in a way that tickles their jolly button the best.



  1. It's funny all the Justices on the right are the one speaking out about this, It's almost like they're trying to tell us something.

    Oh, and Alito can fuck all the way off.

  2. Hahahaha totally!
    I swear it does sound like those commercials!
    And you know all these Justices doth protest too much. They have been caught with the hand in the cookie jar and are freaking out.
    Coney Phony? So absolutely right.


    1. I sound like that every time you put a microphone ear my mouth.

  3. Yay, part-time is going to feel like dying and going to heaven! Good for you!