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Friday, July 20, 2018


Okay, so it's Friday.  And I just realized it's the end of the week... for some of you.  For me?  I'm kind of at my mid-point.  I only work 4 days so I don't really have a hump day.
Yesterday was... oh, je ne sais quoi... you know?  The Idiot Jerk?  The Senate voting unanimously on a resolution to protect Americans from Russian Interrogators.  Blaming the Fake Media for playing recorded clips of the Helsinki political suicide.  Tweets about Powell, very angry they were, damning the Fed.  And the stock market going splishy, splashy (it seems like not everybody is making boodles of money).  Oh, and guess who's coming to dinner?  His Blow Buddy Vlad.  Shit, it's enough to make a Republican's head spin.  Sarah's (I sold my soul to the Idiot Jerk so I could get this job) head was...  does anybody know if she barfed up another split pea soup lie?
Oh, and people are really starting to grow concerned about that 2 hour private rendezvous between the Idiot Jerk and his Blow Buddy Vlad.  Let me say just one thing.  Someone just threw highly flammable fluid at an open flame... you know?  Fire and gasoline?
On a brighter note, I bought some white T-shirts - an even dozen.  I always wore white, until my gig at International Paper got outsourced to Poland.  At that point I switched to colored T-shirts, reds, and blues, and greens.  After November 2016, all I wore were black and gray - but things are brightening up.  You see the Idiot Jerk in the White House has popped his administration in to Craze Control.  I can even imagine what life must be like for Mike Pompeo, running around shouting "Holy Fuck!  Holy Fuck!  Holy Shit, is my hair on fire!"  And the Freedom Caucus is sounding more and more like some Burtonesque cast of "Bye Bye Birdie" singing "We love you Donald, oh yes we do," all the while knowing he will going away for a long, long time.
All the while this is happening, a vast majority of Americans is wondering "what the fuck is going on!"
This are only get to get worse... for him.  Every day more and more people look at his supporters and wonder what in hell is wrong with them.  The minority is shrinking.
It won't be long now.

Okay, so how many spotted Anne Marie in the audience?


  1. I think 2 of these 3 guys are dead. 70s porn 'staches and bell bottoms. I am the fat chick in the white shirt and long brown hair shaking my fat ass. and mistress maddie is there too!

    1. I actually saw them live (all 3) in 1970 at the HBG Farm Show Arena - my first rock concert.

    2. I remember being there. I got two black eyes from all your jumping!

    3. Okay... so, what was hitting you in the eyes????