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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Stripping to the sound of laughter

Well, today is my Sunday, for you it's Saturday, but it's the last day of my weekend and boy do I have a lot of things planned... well, that's not right, just one thing, actually, strip the boarder from my living room ceiling, however, since there is a total of about 70 linear square feet, I think the plural 'things' is appropriate.

And, while I'm stripping,  here are a couple of jollies to keep you laughing, I know they made me laugh.  First up, a video of that crazy cultist Steve Anderson getting very angry that the world is shutting him down.

Holy Crap, how much worse can this guy's whines get.  I laughed at the bit about scores of emails.  According to Webster a 'score is equal to 20', so basically he got about 40 emails, which is disappointing as hell.

And then Trump admitted Obama is a US citizen in like 4 sentences... and then blamed Clinton, and then he quickly built a wall around himself and refused to take any questions.  If you look at his eyes in the video you'll see he is just as pissed off as Steve Anderson.  I think he'd like to feed his ego by winning the election, but but doesn't really want to be president for 4 years because his businesses would suffer; he'd have to put everything into a blind trust.  You can't run your mega-corporations and be president.  Sure, he'll get a lot of votes, but he's giving the centrists and the leftists enough ammunition to keep him in check.

Finally, I went to see "Sully" last night.  I liked it... a lot... it's a really good feel good movie, I mean everybody knows how it ends.  I did wonder, however, if his wife is as totally self-centered as Laura Linney played her.  Tom Hanks was very, very good playing Sully.  I was glad to see that Eastwood focused most of the drama on the landing in the East River and not the behind the scenes issues with the NTSB.  And I was really glad to see Aaron Eckhart had a decent part for a change.  My only wish is that it would have started with him wearing only a towel in a steamy bathroom rather than Hanks.  Now that would have made it really jolly.

Where's the fur?

Well, it's off to the living room where I plan to strip to my heart's content.


  1. would that you were stripping clothes instead of wallpaper...I would pay good money to see that! at least it's a cool day!

    1. I should tell you, I am not cheap so keep those $20's and $50's where they might earn you some interest.