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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Laboring through work, and Trump and....

Well, here it is... the Labor Day weekend.  While I do have off today you can all rest assured, I am working tomorrow.  I get to close the store.  This is a bit of a bitch because I have an Ophthalmologist appointment at 0720 Tuesday morning so they can dilate my eyes, which means I'm going to get between 5 and 6 house of sleep.
I saw some of the pictures of Trump in that black church looking all smug and I thought "holy shit, he's so phony."  And what's so sad is that all of his Trumplodites saw the same pictures.  In their racist minds they saw him offer an olive branch, which goes to show just how out of touch these people are, and you can bet they'll hold a terrible grudge against anybody and everybody who doesn't vote for Trump, most especially black people.
And what about that pro-Trump Latino and his comment about "taco trucks on every corner?"  You know, I read about that and realized that he's one of those people who, when asked to classify his ethnicity, will always check the box marked 'Caucasian / white' because he wants nothing to do with either his culture, his heritage, or his people.  No doubt he lies to himself every time he looks in the mirror, saying "hey, I'm not Latino, I'm just dark complected."
Anyway, I do have today off and I've got a lot of chores lined up.

And hopefully I'm also going to get a chance to do some fun stuff.  The weather is cooperating.  The temperatures are cool and so I have the backdoor standing wide open; the dogs are chasing each other in and out of the house having a grand old time.  Earlier I caught them eating tomatoes right off the vine.  Bad dogs... so bad I had to laugh.


  1. isn't it WONDERFUL to have the windows open for a change? have a great day!

    1. PS - and what is so wrong with a taco truck on every corner? tacos are YUM! that rump licker is an ass!

  2. I'm with AM, I would love a taco truck on every corner!

    1. I wonder what it's like to be a traitor to your own culture.