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Monday, September 26, 2016

Cranky as hell

Yepper, I'm cranky as hell and not because of the debate tonight.
Last week the massive home improvement retailer I work for launched a new scheduling system - it's called Consistent Scheduling.  Full Time associates will now work a fixed shift; they will either be an opener, have a mid-shift, or be a closer.  From now on they will always have at least 15 hours between their shifts.  This change, however, does not effect people like me - low level management.  We have become the coverage for when ever our openers, mids, or closers are scheduled off.  And what do we get to offset this benefit that they get?  Nothing.
When they go on vacation?  We are the coverage.
If the opener is scheduled off, I'm going to open.
People are not happy.
Does corporate know people are not happy?  You bet your ass.  Two weeks ago the CEO stated publicly that "we are working diligently to get Consistent Scheduling for Supervisors, too." Which sounds great, but they've already given the opener, the mid-shift, and the closing positions to other full time associates.  So are they suddenly going to tell these people "oops, we made a mistake, we're going to take your fixed schedule away and give it to your supervisor."  What would that do to morale?
Will Consistent Scheduling effect the people in my position deal with those special, full time associates who have fixed shifts?  You bet.

We will be reminded every time we have to be back at work 10 hours after we clock out in order to cover their shift, and every time they take vacation.  So, I'm cranky.  Whether they understand it or not, corporate has just looked me in the eye and said "bend over buddy."


  1. sounds like it's time to job search.

    and I'll join you in the cranky dept. mean/stupid people fucking piss me off!

    1. I've actually already told them that sometime in 2017 I'm going to demote myself to simple, full time associate. Since the house is paid I can deal with the lower pay and less hassle.

  2. Their logic is off ... way off.

    1. WHAT "logic"? there is NO "logic" in corporate murrica!