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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Moody's, Trump & Heels

Well, Brexit is over, my 401k dropped quite a bit yesterday, but it will come back, as will the stock market.  I've been reading a lot of the financial opinions, the bits by Moody's and Bloomberg were interesting.  Evidently those middle class and lower class voters who tipped the scale will be those  most hurt by the decision in the short term.  In the long term evaluations, well, they're lives are not going to change.  Also, it seems, immigration was one of the big topics.  The idiot Trump hits on that one a lot too in regard to his race for president.  He wants to build a wall to keep all those illegal aliens out.  They steal jobs.  In fact, immigrants in general steal jobs, the shit jobs no Trumplodite would even consider doing.  So, I started wondering what would happen if the idiot Trump actually did make it into the Oval Office, what would our financial picture, the job market look like.  As you might suspect, there are a lot of opinions out there.  Those we would deem legitimate are not rosey.  This is what Moody's put out on 6/20.  A loss of 3.5 million jobs in the US under a Trump presidency? Can that be? And you know, those would be shit jobs, no investment bankers being deported in that bunch.  Even if the Republicans and Democrats worked diligently together to fence him in, the economy would only stagnate.  Yippie Skippie!

Anyway, to add some brevity, we had a woman show up at the desk yesterday requesting and odd color match.  She had a shoe bag with her, and inside was a pair of taupe colored satin high heels.  That's right, she wanted us to color match her shoes.  We can't do that.  We can't color match fabrics.  The laser ignores the material and reads the color of what ever is behind.  As far back as we could remember, this was a first.  Shoes, you know?  She said she'd only worn them once and wanted to touch up the scuff marks and one or two places where the satin had been torn.  Right.  If she'd only worn them once, she must have been running the Boston Marathon.  Believe me, they were pretty roughed up.  She did end up picking a taupe color from the Color Wall.  And, of course, we mixed her a Satin Sample.

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