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Monday, May 23, 2016

Tomatoes and Non-Returnable

Well, the sun is kind of out here in Central Pennsylvania.  Hopefully we will start selling paint and deck stain because we have a lot of ground to make up.  That's right, corporate forecasts how much paint I'm supposed to sell, it's my plan.  Weather is no excuse for not making plan.  We now have to sell our daily plan plus some in order to hit our plan for the week, for the month, and for the year.  In other words, if you're supposed to sell $25,000 in paint in a single day and only sell $20,000, the next day you need to sell $5000 more in order to get out of the hole.  This is the third year in a row that we've had a rainy, cold spring which is terrible.  In fact, the only thing this rain has been good for is my tomatoes.  I already have flowers.

This is one of two plants which have started to flower
So, I work today and then have 2 days off, of course, then I have to work for 6 days straight.  Anyway, I talked to a woman with 2 kids on Saturday.  She said that she'd bought Deckover, but, after buying it, read a number of bad reviews on line and so was planning on returning it.  "If it's tinted it's non-returnable," I said.  Pinching her lips together and glaring at me down the entire length of her nose she said, "but it has all of those bad review."  I wanted to say "tough shit," but refrained.  Do your research before you buy a product.  And there are negative reviews on line, but they represent on 3% of all the Deckover sold, and most of those complaints are due to bad application.  People just didn't read the instructions and got a shitty result.  They did stupid things like putting the product down three hours after power washing their deck.  We tell people they need to wait at least a week after power washing and they look at us as though we're idiots.  We know what we're talking about.  I can tell you this woman is going to demand a refund even though she's been told it's non-returnable.  We're going to pay because she didn't do her research.
On the bright side?  The sun is out and my tomato plants are flowering.

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