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Sunday, May 8, 2016

The unraveling GOP and Fox News

I saw that Sean Hannity endorsed Donald Trump, of course that's no surprise since his flawed view of conservatism is one of the reasons Trump is where he is today.  This is so funny, you know?  The GOP is falling apart and old Sean is blaming others, because... well, how could Sean be wrong?  He thinks that because his ratings are strong he's speaking the truth, when actually what he's doing is tapping into the crazy side.  This is a serious problem for Fox News.  In fact, all Sean Hannity is, in fact just about the whole of Fox News, is nothing more than Tabloid Conservatism.  And the GOP has been relying on Fox News to ride shotgun for quite some time, I mean look at the Birther movement, they played that front and center for years without understand to which crazy crowd they were playing.  Now, the party itself is unraveling.  A number of Republicans are not endorsing him, in fact the list of those on the 'nay' side is so long it's laughable. 

This morning I saw that Trump did manage to get Bob Dole's endorsement - a true sign of desperation.  And for Fox News, it's becoming more and more apparent that their ratings are being held up by angry, white, crazy people.  Rupert Murdoch's team desperately want to be players in the political arena, in reality they're nothing more then the crazy stuff you see in sideshows.  Without them the GOP has no standard bearer.  And Hannity, aligning himself with Trump, has ripped the mask off of the GOP; thanks to him their unraveling will be very publicly.