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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Another FiOS failure

Well, I've just had anther grating experience with FiOS failed customer service.  Two weeks ago, when I got rid of their TV service, I was told that boxes would be sent to me so I could mail back their equipment.  I thought this was great as there is a Post Office on the way to the Giant where I do my grocery shopping.  However the boxes never arrived.  This morning I received an email from FiOS reminding me the equipment needed to be returned by 5/20.  Since I'm not going to be able to drive until 5/21, I contacted them to see about getting a 1 day extension.  Absolutely not. there is no way they can change that date.
They gave me 2 choices, I could pay UPS to come pick up the equipment and ship it back to them, or I could have somebody drive completely out of their way to either a Verizon Store, or a UPS store where they could be dropped off.  When I say out of their way, that's 5 miles from my house, not my brother's house, which would be another 12 miles out of the way, or my friend Patty's house, another 8 miles out of the way, or my friend Jack's house which is another 9 miles out of the way.  So, we're talking about more then a little inconvenience here.

In fact, their customer service agent Carol, did as little as possible.  When I told her how inconvenient this was her comment was "well, you asked me for a suggestion."  Now, is that anyway to treat your customers?  I had 2 of their services and now I only have 1.  There is a $650 charge if the equipment is not returned in time.  It will get returned in time, believe me, but there's no way I could recommend FiOS to anyone, except possibly to someone I really didn't like.  Do you think they care if they fail one customer?  Of course not.

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