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Sunday, March 31, 2024

Sunday In the Park with George

 Easter Sunday, and the sun is shining here in Central PA.  Temps are supposed to climb into the mid 60s (F), but alack and alas, clouds will be moving into the region.  Tomorrow the showers will start and Tuesday there will be rain.  Over an inch is predicted.  

One of those things I find fascinating is that Christians who have gone to sunrise services in Central PA will see the sunshine as a sign, while Christians in Cincinnati are lamenting the fact that their Easter services were marred by heavy rains.  Too many Christians don't stop to think about weather patterns, yet they have convinced themselves that everything is according to God's will, or plan, which means the weather comes under his... jurisdiction, so to say.  This is just one of the issues they refuse to deal with, ignoring the bigger picture because it fails to fit in with what they want to believe.

Anyway, I get to work today.  The customers who show up will either be Asians, or non-Christians, or those who put looking at appliances over religion.

Since it is Sunday, I thought I'd post a Sunday picture; a Sunday in the Park with George picture, a modern recreation of  George Seurat's famous painting.  I think this is culturally amazing.  Happy Holiday!



  1. For shopping is a religion!
    Not me; we're doing yardwork which is another form of religion, I guess. At least ther plants don't tell me that i have no rights of equality as I'm pruning them.

  2. That recreation was fun to see!

    Happy Easter and hope your day is stress free from idiots.

    1. I saw the show on the Sondheim show on Broadway, it was great.

      Hoping you had a good Easter, too!

  3. That picture was really interesting - l loved seeing it next to the painting!

    1. They did the same thing on Broadway, and it really was impressive!