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Saturday, March 9, 2024


 Well, Saturday has arrived and there is 100% chance that we're going to have rain, not only today, but the entire weekend.  Temps will sink into the upper 40s (F), which is about normal for this time of year.  Sadly, my grass is looking a bit green, and that means it'll soon be time to get out the mower.  

Yesterday was sort of a day of accomplishment.  The living room aquarium was cleaned; still trying to get rid of that pesky black algae.  Editing was done. Stuffed cabbage rolls were made... though, I've discovered using ground chicken rather than ground beef leaves a little to be desired.  It's a fairly easy dish to make, but the strong cabbage flavor overwhelms the chicken... as does the garlic.  Still, I tell myself, they are healthier.  Sometimes, however, you need to put flavor before health, especially when most of the time I'm eating healthy.  

Otherwise, yesterday was pretty nondescript.  Some cleaning.  Some polishing.  Some exercise:  30 minutes on the treadmill.  Today I want to row for a bit, and because I'm working, I'll get my steps in.  Last Sunday I had over 15,000 steps which with the size of my stride was over 5 miles.  

Right behind my store is the Navy supply depot.  It is large, possibly the largest on the eastern seaboard, and employs thousands.  It's one of the reasons why we tend to plow through depression and recessions; they never lay any of those thousands off.  This morning I found a picture of what it looked like circa 1950.  It is much larger now.

And the fallout is still... dropping from Biden's Sate of the Union address and I find it amusing.  Fox is blubbering through a cavalcade of phony theories regarding his clarity, and his message.  Many are chortling and Mikey Johnson's flummoxed look, the multiple frownings  and the shakings of his head.  People are noting that when Trump was speaking, Pelosi gave him the respect he didn't deserve, though she did tear up his speech after the fact.  Not petulant Mikey Johnson.  He needed to make sure the MAGA cult knew he disapproved.

As expected, Republicans are finally admitting they liked Kim Britt's performance as a Stepford Housewife, and I'm not doubting many of them are secretly praying she gets nominated for an Emmy.


  1. Mike Johnson is a faux Christian and every time he rolled his eyes or shook his head God was looking down on him and She was not happy.

    1. You need to remember that in Johnson's Christianity, all he needs to do is ask for forgiveness and everything is hunky dory, in fact that's a serious problem with Evangelicals as a whole.