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Sunday, March 24, 2024

A Little Greek

 Today will be sunny and cool.  Outside, the temperature is sitting at a brisk 30 (F). The high is expected to be in the upper 40s (F).  In fact, right now there isn't a cloud in the sky.  I am starting to yearn for spring.  My daffodils are in full bloom.  Tulips are be sprouting every where out front.  All the rose buses are in full bud.  

I ordered a new backpack for my trip to Greece.  This one is bigger than the one I already own, large enough to carry one of my laptops.  Yes, I'm taking one along with me.  My current pack is a "laptop" pack, unfortunately I bought it 15 years ago and laptops have gotten bigger since then.  Well, at least my laptops have gotten bigger.  I was going to order a battery to go with it, but instead opted for a plug adapter with 2 USB ports.  Since my old pack is practically brand new, I'll give it away.

Retail was slow yesterday.  I did manage to get a measure in, that will please management somewhat, but nothing is every going to make them completely happy.  I realized this a long time ago.  That is one of the reasons I got out.  Telling people who are doing well that the need to push a little harder is not for me.  Give credit where credit is due no longer seems to be a valid motto.  As a result, when I do hit my goals for the week I will inform management, and then say, "since I've hit my goals you should let me go home."  No one will ever meet their expectations because greed is good for corporate America.

I pulled this out of the Greek file in my desk.  Maybe I can pick up a few words before August.  You will notice that I didn't say I wanted to pick up a little Greek.

And tomorrow's a big day for the Orange Anus.  If he doesn't shell out the half billion he owes in fines, his properties will begin to be taken.  I understand that "vacate the premises" letters have already been sent to several properties.  I should check, since I don't know, but do these evictions also pertain to his two spawn, Donnie the cokehead, and Eric the dumb, since they, too, were part of the Trump crime family.  Or are these properties that were held by the Trump organization?  I find this somewhat interesting, that someone would have their company own their home.  I guess, if you desperately feel the need to leverage the value of the real estate that might make sense.  Of course, the Orange Anus didn't leverage, he lied.  I saw where he'd valued that little shack of his in upstate New York at $290 million, and it's actual appraised value is only $30 million.  This is probably the main reason he's not an actual billionaire.


  1. I appraised my house at 2 million when I applied for a loan and then appraised it at $400,000 at tax time.
    Sounds fair, right?

    1. Gee, I didn't know you need to borrow that much money.

  2. Although.....there is nothing wrong with a little Greek.or is it doing a little Greek?