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Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Running into Rocks

 Tuesday, and the weather is chilly.  Temperatures cool.  Ain't gettin' too warm today.  Overcast.  Yeah the clouds are low hangin'.  Oh, but soon... those clouds... will be rollin' away.

Tomorrow the temps are back up in the 70's (F).  That will be nice.  When I got home from work it was 68 (F) in the house and overnight outside they dropped into the 40s (F).  Since today's high is only supposed to reach the mid 50s, the heat is on... again, at least until tomorrow.

Work was boring yesterday.  Nothing happened.  Again, our garden business was hopping.  Paint was busy, too, so I helped out there for a while.  Towards the end of my shift I designed a $7000 order of shades and blinds for a couple.  Yeah, you read that number correctly.  They asked about the installation cost, which for them is going to be $180 which is nothing compared to what they're paying for shades.

Some unknown individual got artistic with our carpet samples.  I don't know if the pig drawing is supposed to be sending us a message or not.  Embiggen for clarity.

As one might have expected, Musk's big rocket failed to launch.  He is a man who has relied on the ideas of others to get where he is, however, as usual, once he puts his finger in the pudding pot things begin to curdle.

Fox evidently hoped that they'd be able to get out of Dominions lawsuit with a plea bargain.  I'm betting it must have been a really tabloid offer because it fell apart.  The Murdochs, like the Republicans, will never learn.  To do so would mean they were wrong.  That is something they will never publicly admit to... ever.

Ronnie DeSantis is throwing a real hissy fit down in Florida.  He's a whiny, little authoritarian wannabe and it's looking more and more that his wannas are going to be.  He's threatening to possibly build a prison next to Disney World, now how funny is that.  The hardcore Republicans in that state are fuming.  Their tiny dictator ship is running into all kinds of rocks.


  1. I hear his own handlers and supporters are saying he is already losing steam...and he hasn't even "officially" said he's running yet. He's smarter...I don't think he will run unless he knows he can win. Otherwise, he'll be out as governor as he'd have to give it up...with no power then. Maybe he should run!!!!!!

    1. By run, do you mean like physically run, like in "run away, run away?"

  2. Oh, i bet the garden business is jumping. I went to get something to kill those darn dandelions and I could not get out fast enough. It was a mob.
    And Faux News is gonna be in for a surprise. I hope they also bring Fucker and the rest of the stochastic terrorists that work there are called to the stand. I also want them to televise it.
    Meatball Ron is not doing well. The backers are backing out and the Mouse is kicking him in the balls. Nice.


    1. Ronnie's learning that America doesn't want an authoritarian government.

  3. We had two decent days of weather so the gardening centers were super busy out here. I helped contribute to the cause by buying a new lawn mower. It wasn't even remotely on my wish list but that changed when the mower blade hit a giant tree root. The blade has seen better days. I thought a replacement blade would do the trick but that that tree did a whole number on the mower and it would not stop vibrating.

    1. Tree roots will do that. I have a lot of roots, so my weed wacker substitutes for my mower to keep the grass short.