I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Saturday, April 8, 2023


 And the weekend, Holy for some, begins with cold temps.  There is a freeze warning in Central PA for tonight, though the temps are only supposed to drop into the mid 30s (F), nothing that's going to doom any of the blooms in my garden.  

I saw where Instagram now wants to charge a $15 monthly verification charge.  Supposedly this is so that your followers know it's the real you and not some bozo masquerading as you.  In reality, this is nothing more than dippy doo Mark Zuckerberg trying to suck the money out of your bank account.  Pure greed manifests itself in so many different ways, for more and more social media accounts it shows its ugly head in the form of verification services.  Musk's doing the same thing, or at least trying to do the same thing at Twitter.  Will Zuckerberg be successful?  Well, not with me, though I know there are those out there who will pay the charge in order to boast that they have been verified by Instagram as... well, I guess that will prove your not a deep fake.

A number of hours were spent yesterday afternoon on the big tank, cleaning it out, vacuuming the gravel, scrubbing down the sides.  Right now it's empty of decorations and plants.  I can't tell if having all of that swim space pleases the fish or not.  New decorations have been order.  I'm going smaller this time, though still sticking with the Greek / Roman imagery.  There will be statuary.  And a clam shell that will open up.  I ordered the first statue yesterday.  It's Apollo, naked of course.  I don't know for certain, but I'm thinking there is some unwritten law which states Greek and Roman statuary needs to be naked.  It's shipped this morning and to my super duper surprise it's not coming from China.  Nope.  My statue is coming from Greece.  Now, ain't that nice.

And down in Tennessee the Republicans kicked two black Democrats out of the legislature because they attended an anti-gun rally.  Three Democrats actually attended the gun-control event, but they Republicans let the white Democrat stay.  Those two men have now stepped onto the National stage.  Those stupid Republicans?  Well, they since they don't make mistakes they're going to be eating shit sandwiches until they get voted out of office.

And the Clarence Thomas shit?  He's now saying those 20 years for free vacations to expensive places were a personal gift, that they had nothing to do with the fact they were given to him by a white, ultra-conservative billionaire.  I'm thinking Thomas is going to end up eating more shit sandwiches than those Tennessee lawmakers.


  1. I'm not on instagram (can't see the point of it, to be honest) so I'd be buggered if I'd pay anyone $15/month for the privilege. Same goes for FB actually. I got rid of one account about 18 months ago and only keep my current one to keep in touch with family. Who knows, maybe I'll delete that one too soon!

    1. I follow some interesting people on Instagram so it will be interesting to see which ones pay for the verification.