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Thursday, April 27, 2023

It's about the benefits

 Yesterday was cool, today's supposed to be a bit warmer with the high climbing into the upper 60s (F).  That's just for today, however, temps are supposed to cool off and more rain is heading into the picture.  As I'd said before, last year we had May showers and it looks as though we're going to have more of the same this year.

I received an email from KDP, I can now order Author's copies.  Now, ain't that nice.

Yesterday saw me finish painting the kitchen ceiling.  Every day I come a bit closer to putting away the paint brushes and rollers for good.  That will be so nice.

And I finally went to see "Renfield" last evening.  I liked it, probably because it was odd, a horror comedy.  Nicholas Hoult was very good in the lead roll, and so was Nicholas Cage as Dracula, especially since Cage was swathed in make-up most of the time.  The gore was so over the top.  If you can't go see it in the theater, I'd recommend streaming it once it becomes available.  

Okay, and yesterday Don, the Orange Anus, Trump's rape trial began.  Mike Pence has run out of appeals to keep from testifying to the DOJ Jan 6 Grand Jury,  And, the Republicans have revealed their budget in order to raise the debt ceiling.  Wow, even for a small list that's a lot of shit.  

The Republican's budget is pissing off everyone but rich, white conservatives.  Veterans, and there are a lot of us, are angry that they've taken aim at our benefits.  Some of us spent time in a war zone, and to have those benefits used as a bargaining chip for Mealy Mouthed McCarthy as part of his campaign in failure is aggravating.  

Oh, and in Montana the Republicans banned the only duly elected Transgender woman from their House Chamber because if they didn't have social issues filled with hatred, they would have nothing.  This is why they are losing so badly.


  1. Hmm, I normally don't like Nicholas Cage but that film looks pretty good. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Ohhh Reinfield is still in my list. I did John Wick instead. I think Nicholas Cage is a riot always, so a dark comedy is right up his alley.
    I heard the judge in Mango Mussolini's trial is not happy he was babbling about the trial on social media (after he was a no-show). Good.
    McCarthy has sold his pathetic soul. The stab at the veterans is a low blow. How dares he?
    And The Devil's Butler will have to testify and spill the tea about Orange Jabba. Nice.
    And what's new about the Repug party being the party of rich white people? Duh.


    1. Veterans, and there are quite a lot of us, are not happy.

  3. The GOP "budget" punishes the poor and the veterans so how the f__k do they call themselves the Family Values party or the veteran party?
    Vote the fuckers out of office.

    1. The only ones that budge satisfies are the MAGA brain dead and billionaires.

  4. See, these veterans did all this for our country and supported us and kept us safe and this is how they're thanked? If Republicans are so damn unhappy with our countries are on maybe they should go live in one that has a dictatorship or Russia.

    1. That's the Trump effect, he hates Veterans, too.