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Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Water This

So is everybody planning on having a wonderful Wednesday?  or, perhaps I should say, something that's a lot more than simply tolerable.  That's actually a sad thing to say, isn't it?  That you might just have a tolerable day.  I work with an individual who's like that, he always manages to find a problem to complain about.  If I had a nickel every time I told him that if he doesn't like his job he should find another, I could buy a decent bottle of wine.  His problem is that no job will ever suit him, he will always have issues.  I have never had that problem, and I can tell you, I'm planning on having a very good time today.

So, Milky Chance, one of my favorite groups is touring and they're coming to Harrisburg, of all places.  Unfortunately, the venue where they're playing, XL Live, is not geared for aging fans.  It's general admission, meaning there are no seats because the space is still used as a parking lot during the days.  While I don't doubt that I could stand for 3 hours, it's not something I would find particularly enjoyable.  

My water bill arrived in the mail yesterday and boy has my water usage dropped.  I don't doubt the new washer has quite a lot to do with it.  I bought in November, during our great Black Friday sale and my bills have been in decline ever since, and believe me, I still take as many showers as I used to (sometimes 2 a day when I work out).

For those who didn't hear, Mike, mother may I, Pence is trying to get out of his subpoena to testify before the DOJ.  Why, you might ask?  Because his pea brain still believes he has a shot at getting the nomination for president in 2024.  I don't know who's advising this knucklehead, but that opportunity has never, ever existed for him.  And I don't doubt for a second that Nikki Haley's advisers are telling her the same thing.  

In an odd way, I find this rather pleasing.  The larger the number of candidates, the uglier their quest for the nomination will be; in no time they'll be trying to rip each other apart with verbal chainsaws.  This is going to hit the GOP hard in the House since it will be their job, using investigations, to attempt to keep America's eyes on them, rather than their backstabbing leaders.  Under McCarthy's failed leadership, the House of Representatives will get louder and crazier in order to create a distraction.  This could all be rather enjoyable.


  1. If Mike Pence and Nikki Haley think they even have a chance at being president they're sorely mistaken. Not that I like any of them, but I'm pretty sure gravy fed Ronnie will kill them and Trump for the nomination. I don't think enough people in the country ,even Republicans like Nikki Haley they're going to be like, who. I suspect if Biden runs which I think he will I think it's going to come down between him and Gravey Fed Ronnie.

    But I agree the more candidates that run, is going to be highly entertaining at least for Democrats and very Liberal Republicans who are going to be laughing our asses off at all the insulting, backstabbing, mudslinging and going to show just how ugly they are with each other. All they're going to do is fight yell and squabble. Of course most of us already know what they're all like anyhow. But it will still be entertaining.

    1. For years they've been selling themselves as Christians to get the Evangelical vote. Now we're going to see how truly ugly they are.

  2. Ohhh isn't that nice? I love when bills shrink up. Good move with that washer, Dave.

    As for Pence the Dummy, LOL. I hope they destroy his (and Mother's) dreams of that Oval Office. I also hope there's another clown car full of hopefuls in the Repug party primaries. I love infighting.


    1. I do not doubt both his and Mother's dreams will be run over by reality.